Blake Shelton Accuses Ariana Grande of 'Sucking Up' to 'The Voice' Audience

The gloves are officially off in season 21 of the singing competition!

Ariana Grande is fitting in perfectly as the newest coach on season 21 of The Voice -- but not all of her co-stars see it that way!

During Tuesday's Blind Auditions, a backstage moment found the coaches marveling at how much the "pov" singer interacts with the show's live audience -- who are back on The Voice stage this season after COVID restrictions prevented an in-person audience for seasons 19 and 20. 

"The crowd is going bananas for you, every time," John Legend noted.

"One thing I love is how much you talk to the audience," Kelly Clarkson agreed. "I think you interact more than anybody."

"They're just sitting there!" Ari replied, as clips showed her chatting and laughing with the crowd. "It's irresistible, to talk to them."

However, Blake Shelton wasn't quite so charmed. "I call it sucking up," he teased.

"Oh, excuse me," Ari said, brushing off Blake, who also accused her of "stabbing him in the back" during Monday's Blinds, after Ariana supported Kelly's bid to land Jeremy Rosado to her team.

Blake and Ariana have even taken their Voice frenemy "feud" to social media. Over the weekend, Ari shared a screenshot on Instagram of a text she received from Blake, in response to a tabloid report that producers at The Voice might be replacing him with Ari, thanks to the "fresh" energy she's brought to the show during her first season as a coach. 

The country star texted, "Thanks a lot Ari... Thanks a f**kin' lot.."

Ariana clearly thought the exchange was funny, adding a heart to both of the texts. See more on the hilarious moment in the video below!

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC. 



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