Blake Shelton Eats Caramel-Covered Onions While Jimmy Fallon Covers His Song ‘I’ll Name the Dogs’

Blake Shelton eats caramel onions

Look out, Justin Timberlake, Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon’s hysterical bromance is one for the ages! The two have had lots of fun together already (remember when Blake tried sushi for the first time?) and on Monday night, the laughs kept coming.

The 41-year-old country crooner stopped by The Tonight Show to promote his new album Texoma Shore and host Fallon couldn’t help but poke fun at him.

“How far are you from the shore?” Fallon asked, holding up Shelton’s pensive album cover and laughing.

“I’m not going to give you the location of my damn house,” the country star declared. 

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Fallon didn’t stop there, joking about his “favorite” Shelton songs including “I’ll Name the Dogs.” Fallon then broke into a rendition of his version of the song.

“I’ll name the dogs. I’ll name them Spotty and Rex. I have never had sex,” Fallon jokingly sang before slipping on a cowboy hat and busting out into other verses of the tune.

“You look a little like Woody from Toy Story,” Shelton told the host. 

Later in the show, Shelton played a game of “Caramel Apple Russian Roulette” in which he had to take bites out of a caramel-covered apples and onions, guessing which one was the tasty fruit.

Unfortunately he got a few bites out of the onions, declaring, “I’m not going to sell one album off this stupid crap!”

He wrapped the show by playing his new single, “At the House.” Watch the clip to see Shelton’s performance and funny sketches!

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