Blake Shelton Gets His Palms Read With Jimmy Fallon, Jokes About Having ‘Too Much Sex’

Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon

The sketch aired on Tuesday’s ‘Tonight Show.’

Blake Shelton continued his tradition of trying new things with Jimmy Fallon! The unlikely duo filmed themselves getting their palms read during Tuesday’s Tonight Show and they naturally had some fun while doing it.

“You have a wonderful long life line. He’s got a very nice heart line and that means you would give things to charity,” the palm reader said told Shelton at the start.

“Me being on your show to try to help it, that kind of charity,” Shelton quipped to Fallon.

The palm reader also noted, “You have a nice physique but this part of the hand is a little fleshy, so that means you might be overdoing something in the physical realm – too much eating, too much drinking too much sex.”

When Fallon indicated that Shelton was clearly boozing too much, the country singer instead focused on the final option. Later it was Fallon’s turn to have his palms read.

“Can you tell by looking at his hands that he’s never worked a day in his life?” Shelton quipped.

The palm reader noted that Fallon had three soulmate lines, and Shelton joked, “Your wife, Justin Timberlake, and me!”

The pair broke into hysterics when the palm reader noted that Shelton had recently been “spending some time with a young man.”

“I forgot to tell you this is an episode of Dateline,” Fallon said as they both doubled over laughing.

“He’s holding the cups,” the palm reader said of the young man.

“Yeah, he’s holding the cups of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, whatever you can trick him into drinking,” Fallon joked.

The two pals ended the sketch by grabbing a beer, which Shelton said he saw in his future.

For more from Shelton, watch the clip below!