Blake Shelton Surprises Mother and Daughter Nurses Who Are Helping Fight Coronavirus


Blake Shelton is honoring two frontline workers. During Thursday's episode of the Today show, Hoda Kotb spoke to Bridgette and Sylvia Robinson, a mother-daughter pair who are working as a nursing assistant and a nurse, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As the mother-daughter duo was working to help others amid the health crisis, Bridgette herself became sick with COVID-19 and was placed on a ventilator.

"It was hard to accept waking up to all of that. It was really hard," Bridgette said through tears. "All I could think about was my grandson and he was like, 'Grandma, I need you. I love you. I need you, grandma.' I was just thinking, 'My baby says he needs me. He needs me. He loves me. I gotta get back to him.'"

Bridgette did end up recovering, something her daughter credits to "God, prayers and her fight for life."

To honor Bridgette and Sylvia during National Nurses Week, Hoda surprised them with Blake, who serenaded the pair via video chat with his song, "God Gave Me You." 

"Everything about this disease, I mean you guys are out on the frontlines fighting it, and now you're a survivor of it. You got each other, and that's really what this is all about," Blake said. "You're literally a light shining bright on that screen right there. It's awesome to meet both of you guys."

"I want to play just a little bit of a song for you guys because the whole time I heard you guys talking you keep throwing it back to God and I love hearing you say that," he continued. "So I want to dedicate this song from me to you guys as nurses and being out there on the frontlines. I think this song really speaks to your relationship with each other, if you ask me."

Bridgette and Sylvia were touched by Blake's sweet comments and moving song, so much so that they, along with Hoda, cried through most of the experience.

Watch the video to see how another celeb is brightening lives amid coronavirus.


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