Blanco Brown Says First Public Appearance at ACM Awards Since Near-Fatal Accident Was 'Magical' (Exclusive)

Brown tells ET being able to walk is "the biggest blessing."

Blanco Brown is​ ​feeling blessed. The 36-year-old singer and producer made his first public appearance ​at the 2021 ACM Awards on Sunday ​since ​​his​ ​​near-fatal motorcycle accident ​over six month ago. 

Brown​​ took the stage​ with a huge smile​ and walked steadily to present the ​first ​award ​of the night. He wore a bright yellow beanie, which he paired with black jeans, a matching t-shirt and​ a Balmain​ leather jacket​ that featured a portrait of DMX​.

"I'm so blessed to be back on this stage, and I want to thank everyone in the country community for their love and support. And to all the life-saving first responders, words are not enough," Brown s​hare with the audience​​​​. "And now, it's my pleasure to present the nominees for group of the year."

Shortly after presenting, Brown told ET that stepping out on the stage was simply "magical."

"It's magical, that's all I can say. I can't think of any other word that's better than magical," he told ET's Rachel Smith. "It's a blessing, I've been through a lot of ups and downs, pain here and there, but I will say that I'm just blessed and highly favored. I mean, I can walk and that in itself is like the biggest blessing because for months I couldn't even stand up, turn myself over, I couldn't do nothing."

Last August, Brown was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him in the ICU with two broken legs, shattered wrists and a fractured pelvis. He underwent multiple surgeries and spent almost a month in the hospital. He has been rehabilitating ever since.  

"I get up everyday and I can't just roll out of bed and walk," Brown explained​, adding that he rehabs four to five days a week​. "I gotta do my physical therapy, exercise each leg, get the blood running through them, and then I can start my day."

Brown is keep​ing​ his spirits high and is looking forward to his upcoming projects. He says he has new music ​"​coming out soon​"​ and that he plans to be "back on the road June or July."

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