'Bling Empire's Kevin and Kelly Dish on Their New Relationships and Finding the One (Exclusive)

Kevin and Kim also reflect on her brutally telling him he's not her type.

New season, new love stories! Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li and Kevin Kreider revealed to ET that they are both in new relationships ahead of the show’s season 3 premiere on Wednesday. 

Season 2 of Bling Empire ended with the dramatic return of Kelly's ex, Andrew Gray, leaving her love life up in the air. However, things definitely appear to be calmer for her now that her issues with Andrew appear to be finally settled.

Kelly referred to herself as “happily off the market” in ET’s interview, saying “I definitely found the one. It’s true, when you find the one you just know… there are still really good guys out there.”  
“I can list and list, he’s literally everything I have ever wanted,” she said of her new relationship. 

As for Andrew's return at a party thrown by Anna, she admitted she was "shocked."

"I think I blocked it out of my memory," she said.  "I am like, what happened exactly? He was there? I definitely got upset -- maybe a little too upset."

She shared that the exes did get closure at the end.

"I think we got our closure not when the cameras were on, but we got our closure when we were off season," she shared. "I wish him the best and I am really grateful for the relationship because I have learned a lot about myself."

"I mean, there was never a shortage of love in our relationship before, but it was just that he, you know, I think he's a good person and I just don't think we are right for each other," she added. "Sometimes two people are not right for each other and it just brings out the worst in each other."

Of course, Kelly's love life is far from the only romantic drama in season 3, and Kevin also talked to ET about his new love after his rocky romance with co-star Kim Lee came to an end. In the trailer for the upcoming new episodes, fans saw Kim bluntly telling Kevin that he’s not her type, a seeming culmination of the couple's drama after two seasons of back and forth. 

Kim told ET that she “hates the way it was edited,” and though she's received a lot of backlash for being too harsh on him, Kim pointed out that Kevin also came with many red flags. For example, he previously showed interest in Kelly before deciding to pursue her.
“He kept pushing me, pushing me, and I’m like no, I don't really want to go there,” she said. “I had to do that,” she added about telling Kevin he wasn’t her type. “Sometimes, you need to hear that.”
Despite the tension in the moment, Kevin is now in a new relationship, and Kim said he has found his “true love.” 

"I did help him," she said. 

As for Kevin, he reflected on the brutally honest moment and admitted it hurt his feelings.

"I mean, look, I’m not a lot of people's type," he noted. "t wouldn’t hurt or affect me if we had just met, but, I mean, you look through the whole journey like ... it almost felt a little evil to kind of string you along the whole time you’re not the type you know? And so I felt like a little more shocked in that sense, but like, as a friend, like, there’s no animosity or anything."

Of course, everything worked out at the end.

"Yeah, story of redemption, you know?" he told ET about his new relationship. "I think it was wonderful to see someone that I was in love with come back into my life and we get a fresh start which is awesome."

Bling Empire is streaming now on Netflix.