Bob Barker Dead at 99: Adam Sandler, Drew Carey, Tom Bergeron and More React

Barker died Saturday in Los Angeles.

Hollywood and beyond is reacting to the death of Bob Barker, who died Saturday in his Los Angeles home. He was 99.

Among those reacting includes his one-time Happy Gilmore co-star Adam Sandler, who took to Instagram just minutes after ET confirmed the tragic news and remembered the iconic TV personality as an all-around great person. Sandler, of course, conjured up their legendary fight in the 1996 comedy classic.

"The man. The myth. The best. Such a sweet funny guy to hang out with," Sandler captioned his post that included several photos of Barker. "Loved talking to him. Loved laughing with him. Loved him kicking the crap out of me. He will be missed by everyone I know! Heartbreaking day. Love to Bob always and his family! Thanks for all you gave us!"

In honor of Barker's 93rd birthday in 2016, ET took a look back at his unlikely cameo in the instant classic. ET was on the set with a front-row seat as they filmed their legendary golf course brawl,  the culmination of their characters’ increasing dislike for one another. 

"It's the pro-celebrity tournament and I am desperate to win. I want to win and he plays badly and I become more and more disgusted with him and he has a violent temper," Barker explained to ET while on location in Vancouver.  "And finally he clobbers me and much to his surprise I get up and whip him good."

At the time, Sandler said they "didn't know it was going to be as funny as it was. He added, "You think of it. You read it. You say, 'Boy, that looks like it could be funny. I hope it is.' And then Bob raised it a lot."

Drew Carey, who took over Barker as host of The Price Is Right in October 2007, took to X (formerly Twitter) and paid tribute to his predecessor with a heartbroken emoji and photo celebrating Barker's final show.

Former Dancing With the Stars and America's Funniest Home Videos host Tom Bergeron took to Instagram and recalled filming on the same lot as The Price Is Right.

"On weekends, when we’d shoot Hollywood Squares on the same stage where @therealpriceisright shot on weekdays, I used his dressing room," Bergeron captioned the post. "When he retired I interviewed him for @goodmorningamerica. When I asked him to read the manuscript of my book, he offered to write a blurb for it. Many thanks, Bob. Rest in peace 😔."

Peter Marshall, a longtime host of Hollywood Squares, also reacted to Barker's death.

"Long before I became an emcee, I admired Bob Barker very much. He was great at what he did, quite wonderful.
I can’t claim to have been close to Bob, but when together at events we always talked about our shared love of animals," he said. "I hope everyone knows what he did for animal welfare."

Adam Sharp, president and CEO of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, also paid tribute to Barker.

"Bob Barker was a Daytime television mainstay for generations. He helped to define the game show genre, cementing the Price is Right as a powerhouse format that has remained essentially unchanged for more than half a century," Sharp said in a statement to ET. "You don’t mess with perfection. His championship of the craft and for animal welfare were equal in their exuberance. His presence will be missed greatly by the Emmy community."

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