Bobby Bones Sets the Record Straight on Past 'DWTS' Romance With Nikki Glaser (Exclusive)

Bobby Bones CMT Artists of the Year
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Bobby Bones is setting the record straight on his Dancing With the Stars romance with Nikki Glaser!

ET caught up with the reigning Mirrorball champion at the CMT Artists of the Year event in Nashville on Wednesday, where he shared his side of what really went on behind the scenes while the two were competing against each other on season 27 of the dance competition show. Fans first became interested in this story after Glaser was a guest on The Howard Stern Show last month. During the candid chat, the comedian claimed she and Bones briefly dated last year but he ended up "ghosting" her.

"I don't know if we dated! Here's the thing, Nikki was like, 'Bobby ghosted me.' I was on her radio show two weeks prior to that! There was a little hyperbole there," he recalled. "She's so funny, and as someone who creates content to be funny, I was fine with her saying whatever. Whatever makes Howard Stern laugh, because he's the greatest. Whatever for a good story."

"But we definitely dated-ish," he admitted. "But she was only on the show for like two weeks and then she left! How much, if we're just looking at data, how much can you really [date]? But she is still one of my dearest friends and I don't even have anything to say bad about her. I wish I did, I wish I could get some headlines here, but I love her. She's awesome and she had freedom to say whatever she wanted."

Bones said that when he first saw Glaser's interview with Stern, he was "just happy" that he was talked about on the show.

"He's the greatest! I don't care how I get talked about on that show, my goal is to one day be on that show, and I texted [Nikki], I was so jealous," he shared. "I hit her [up] before the show and I was like, 'Hey, good luck.' And then she, you know, she knows, any time she can bring me up in front of Howard, like, please do it, 'cause he's the greatest of all time."

"Howard Stern called me wildly successful and I was like, 'That's the coolest thing that's ever happened to me,'" he added. "And it wouldn't have happened had she not been on that show."

As for any chance of Bones rekindling his relationship with Glaser romantically?

"I don't see her. She's so full of crap though, in that I ghosted her," he said. "She's so full of crap, because after Dancing with the Stars, I kept dancing. I brought her back for my final dance and then I went to her show in Vegas and then I did her radio show. So that's all, like, stop it."

"But she's awesome. Like, one of my favorite people, one of the smartest people," he added. "I'll hit her up with jokes sometimes, be like, 'Hey, help me with this joke.' She's so talented and I was so happy to see her Netflix special [Bangin'] just kill it. So, yeah, she's awesome."

In case you missed it, Glaser claimed on The Howard Stern show that she and Bones were hooking up "in trailers and stuff" -- in between spray tans and breaks from rehearsals for DWTS.

"I didn't fall in love, but I did fall in show love," she said at the time. "We had to keep it super secret. I didn't see it happening."

"We were hooking up, like, lightly. I think we spent several nights together and I didn't even take off my clothes. I was really making him work for it, because I wasn't sure of him," she added. "I was just like, 'I don't know,' and I was still seeing my ex-boyfriend at the time ... so I was like, 'I don't know what I want to do with this.'"

Glaser continued on, telling Stern that Bones then started expressing his feelings to her. "I was like, 'Well, let me just close up the ex-boyfriend thing' then and maybe I can be open to exploring this, because I don't feel right about that. And then as soon as I closed up the ex-boyfriend thing, guess who doesn't want to hang out with me anymore?" she said. "It's kinda like that. He kinda ghosted me."

Glaser also invited Bones to be a guest on her show You Up w/ Nikki Glaser on Comedy Central Radio, where the two butted heads over whether they actually "dated." 

"Let's just be honest, Bobby and I kind of dated. I will say that we dated, I don't even know if you would categorize it as that," Glaser said, asking Bones, "How would you describe what we did?"

"I think this is unfair of you right now. Because the only time that I date anyone, it's if we're dating... like, to me, we're together," Bones attempted to explain. "I've told you this! If in your mind we dated, then I'm down."

Glaser chimed in, saying, "Oh, gross. Oh, how dare you ... I never assumed I was your girlfriend, but we were definitely dating."

Dancing With the Stars is currently in its 28th season, airing Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Hear more from the star-studded cast in the video below!


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