Bode Miller Breaks Down Over Having an Easter Basket for His Daughter Nearly a Year After Her Death

Bode Miller
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Bode and Morgan Beck Miller still include their late daughter in the holiday celebrations.

The couple appeared in a taped segment on Thursday's episode of Today, where they shared how they continue to remember Emmy, nearly one year after her accidental drowning.

Natalie Morales sat down with Bode, an Olympic skier, and Morgan, stating, "I know holidays are especially [hard]. She had an Easter basket?"

"Yeah," Bode confirmed through tears that they had an Easter basket for their late daughter, who was 19 months old at the time of her death.

"She is still very much a part of this family," Morgan agreed.

Bode called life after Emmy "a learning process" for his and Morgan's family -- which include their two children, Nash, 3, and Easton, 6 months, as well as Bode's children from previous relationships, Neesyn, 11, and Sam, 6 -- but confirmed that Emmy is "definitely still around."

While the whole family is still mourning the tragic loss, welcoming Easton into the world four months after Emmy died made things a little bit better.

"[He's helped us] so much," Morgan said of Easton. "And even though it's not gonna fill that hole, it adds that much more love. And that is a blessing. And for the kids to be able to experience that love again and life after death, it's a way to heal."

Following Emmy's accidental drowning, Bode and Morgan have made water safety their No. 1 priority. So much so that they're advocating for pediatricians to discuss the topic with parents and even recently started little Easton in water safety lessons.

"Being a parent is inherently scary. You're worried about your food or your screen time or whatever, but the No. 1 thing that can take your child -- where none of that stuff is relevant -- is drowning," Bode explained. "... I'm hoping that the pediatrician says, 'Do you have a plan? And are you doing the right stuff?'" 

"As parents, one of the things that we know is our job [is] to prepare for the situation and not the situation for the child," Morgan added. "And this is one of those things where water is the most dangerous situation that they can encounter. And it is 100 percent unavoidable. 100 percent. Water is everywhere." 

For Morgan, the water lessons that Easton began earlier this month -- which are 10 minutes, five days a week, and last one month -- seem a little price to pay to prevent such a tragedy from happening twice.

"I think if you talk to any parent who's lost a child to drowning, the research that you start to do, where I saw 6-month-old babies and 1-year-olds and 16-month-olds, 19-month-olds swimming, that could've been Emmy. That should've been Emmy," Morgan said while getting choked up. "And it was that easy to commit to one session of what we're doing now. It would've changed everything." 


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