Bonnie Tyler Performs 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' With DNCE During Solar Eclipse

Turn around, bright eyes!

Turn around, bright eyes… Bonnie Tyler is stepping back into the spotlight!

The 66-year-old singer teamed up with Joe Jonas' band, DNCE, on Monday, to perform her 1983 hit, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," during the Great American solar eclipse.

Tyler is currently on board a week-long Royal Caribbean "Total Eclipse Cruise," which departed from Orlando, Florida, over the weekend. The ship is sailing through the path of totality, which stretches from Oregon to South Carolina.

"I'm on this amazing ship called the Oasis of the Seas, and we're going to pass right through the totality area," she told Good Morning America. "We'll all be wearing our funny glasses, of course, and we'll see the total eclipse."

Ahead of her performance with DNCE, Tyler sang her favorite line from the song a cappella on CNN via live satellite from the cruise ship. Watch below:

And it's no surprise that after these stellar performances, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" shot to No. 1 on iTunes. According to Nielsen Music, the song is also up 500% in sales with over 12,000 downloads this week.

Across the country, celebrities have been sharing their photos, thoughts and reactions to the eclipse. See a few of our favorites below: