Brandi Glanville Claims Dad Stopped Speaking to Her After 'Marriage Boot Camp' (Exclusive)

The reality star says her father, Guy Glanville, stopped talking to her after watching back their season of the WE tv series.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition didn’t pan out the way Brandi Glanville hoped it would.

“My dad and I, we left the show in a great space and then, when the show aired, we haven't talked since,” Brandi shared with ET at Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars new season premiere Tuesday night at HYDE Sunset in Los Angeles.

The former Real Housewives star and her father, Guy Glanville, appeared on season 12 of the WE tv series, in hopes of strengthening their relationship.

“You know, he's not done TV before, and I warned him ahead of time, ‘They're not going to be able to show everything that we shot,’” Brandi recalls. “‘They're going to show the highlights, so you have to write down notes and understand it's going to be the highlights of what we shot, and don't get mad -- you're gonna get mad all over again,’ and ultimately, he did.”

“It's been quite some time and unfortunately... I'm used to this, it's [just like] Housewives, like, I can handle it,” she continues. “For him, I think he cares what his friends and everyone was saying about what they saw, and I thought they gave him a great edit, to be honest, 'cause he was a little bit worried. But, no, we haven't talked since, unfortunately. But I love him dearly. He's everything.”

Guy has not spoken out publicly about Brandi’s claims, but she tells ET that she has hope for the future of their relationship.

“I'm just, I'm leaving [it] in his corner,” she says. “Because you know, you know me, I get a little aggressive.”

Brandi was on hand for the premiere party to support her former RHOBH co-star and longtime pal Kim Richards, who appears on the new season with her boyfriend, Wynn Katz. Brandi said she tried to prepare Kim for the experience as best she could.

“I’m gonna keep [what I told her] between Kim and myself,” she notes. “But everyone who works behind the scenes here, they're awesome. And I said, 'You're in the best hands. Just, you know, be careful of your castmates.' 'Cause you're living in a house! People are crazy.”

For now, Brandi is enjoying life off-camera, with a new mystery man! The Unfiltered podcast host has yet to identify her new guy, only posting once with him on Instagram.

“We just hang out,” she says, playing coy. “It's not like we're... he's not on social media. [My last boyfriend] was obsessed with social media. So, this one -- he's European. His first language is French, so we don't really understand each other and that's probably why we hang out so much, because I don't know anything you just said, but you're cute so you can stay.”

“I adore him, but yeah, it’s physical,” Brandi adds. “He's like 10 years younger and he's very athletic.”

The new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premieres Friday, Sept. 7, on WE tv.


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