Brandi Glanville Is Single and ‘Not Looking for Anything’ (Exclusive)

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ houseguest tells ET she’s over relationships, for the moment, and good with her friends with benefits situation. In fact, she left the ‘Big Brother’ house and immediately hooked up with her ‘go-to’ buddy.

Brandi Glanville is out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, single, but not really ready to mingle.

“I’m not looking for anything,” Brandi spilled to ET in the Big Brother backyard after Sunday night’s finale. “I really, honestly, love being single. You don't have that pit in your stomach if someone's doing something wrong, or cheating, or doing something like that ... I can't go through something like that ever again.”

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star split from her boyfriend of more than a year, DJ Friese, in January. She announced the breakup on Twitter, citing social media as their downfall. She wrote, “"It's official I'm SINGLE! He is all urs IG hoes! He is lovely so be nice."

“I think social media, it ruins romances,” Brandi laments. “You know, it probably ruined mine. But he was lovely and we're still really great friends. That's all I'll say.”

The reality personality opted to “plead the fifth” when pushed for the exact reason of her breakup, but acknowledged the relationship probably would not have worked out long term. For now, Brandi is enjoying a “friends with benefits” arrangement.

“Well, I had sex last night,” she confesses. “Not with the ex-boyfriend -- no, I have a, well, you know how you have a go-to? So, my go-to from before [that relationship]. So, we had to work that out. Not last night, Friday night, 'cause my kids went to Black Panther, so, I got them back on Saturday.”

Yes, that means Brandi immediately left the Big Brother house after her eviction on Friday night and hooked up with her “go-to.”

“That’s what you do!” she jokes.

Ironically, single Brandi will appear on the next season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars -- with her dad! The Glanvilles are part of the franchise’s latest “Family Edition,” premiering March 9 on WE tv.

“I'm always true to myself, but now I'm with my father,” Brandi teases. “I actually care what he thinks … I'm still myself, but I care about him so much, I love him to death, and having people come at him, or come at me. I was like, nope. But there was a lot of wine. We had as much wine as we wanted. I definitely partook, 'cause I was like, this is crazy.”

That’s a big change from Brandi’s stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house. According to her, the houseguests only received alcohol a handful of times over the course of their month-long stay.

“People think we had unlimited wine all day, every day,” Brandi notes. “We got it seven times in 24 days. Seven. Seven.”

“Ross [Mathews] and I both drink,” she adds. “Two glasses of wine a night would be great. I just like to chill out. Then, certain people like James [Maslow] were trying to drink my white wine. It made me dislike him even more … don't mess with my wine. It is funny, because everyone thought we had an unlimited supply, but no. Watch the 24/7 feeds and you will know. But I definitely was, like, if you f**k with my wine, you're f**king with me.”

Big Brother returns to CBS for its landmark 20th season this summer.