Brandi Redmond Breaks Down Over Husband's Infidelity on 'RHOD' Reunion

"Remember the Alamo" Episode 415 -- Pictured: (l-r) Bryan Redmond, Brandi Redmond
Peter Larsen/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The reality star confirmed it was her husband in a video that surfaced earlier this year.

Brandi Redmond is speaking out on her husband's infidelity. The Real Housewives of Dallas star broke down on Tuesday's Season 5 reunion show Part 2 while discussing a recently surfaced video that shows Bryan Redmond with another woman at a club. 

The video, which circulated in March, shows Bryan wrapping his arms around a woman. He then grabs her face, bringing her in for a kiss. The family asked for privacy and did not make any comment about the clip at the time. On Tuesday's reunion show, Brandi confirmed it was her husband in the clip. 

"I'm disappointed," Brandi told host Andy Cohen. "I'm aware of when that happened -- it was in Las Vegas during a dual bachelor-bachelorette party for my sister and brother-in-law." 

"It was 2018. But, yeah, extremely disappointed," she continued, before breaking down in tears. 

Brandi and Bryan were high school sweethearts, and married in 2003. They share four kids together. When asked whether she'll stay with Bryan, Brandi noted that he has stuck by her during her "craziest year and darkest hour," which included their daughter Brinkley surviving a car crash that killed Brandi's mother in law. 

"That man was there for me and is there for me, so I would really be a piece of sh*t if I didn't, you know, be there for him. 'Cause he's hurting, too, right now," she shared. 

"I wanna protect my children," Brandi went on, trying to stop herself from getting emotional. "I hate that a fan sent that video to my daughter's Instagram that is private, and she saw it. Because as much as I can be angry and stuff, like, that's her dad, and I just feel like it's just-- it's just not OK." 

D'Andra Simmons, Kameron Westcott, Stephanie Hollman and Dr. Tiffany Moon, who attended the reunion in-person, were seen getting emotional hearing Brandi recount the situation. Kary Brittingham, who joined via video chat like Brandi, also offered her support. 

"I have not talked to Bryan about it, but I am angry at him," Stephanie told Andy. "This girl is literally like family to me, and I love her so much, and she's been through so much, I was honestly terrified that she was gonna do something to herself." 

Brandi, meanwhile, said that she thinks the video of Bryan at the club was released by someone "to try to hurt me." 

"I think this video has been put out there. I think someone did it intentionally to try to hurt me once again, and they were successful," she said, as she and other castmates speculated that former RHOD star LeeAnn Locken could have had something to do with it. 

"I’m done being blamed for sh*t I not only didn’t do but WOULDN’T do!" LeeAnn tweeted in response to speculation she spread the video. "Someone needs to stop blaming ME for everything! It’s old!" 

Elsewhere in the reunion, Brandi opened up about her recent unexpected pregnancy, and other drama from the season. 

See more on RHOD in the video below.