Bravo’s 'Stripped' Forces Nearly Naked Couple to Travel Half a Mile to Get Clothes -- Watch! (Exclusive)


What would you do if everything you owned was taken away from you for 21 days?

That’s the premise of Bravo’s new social experiment, Stripped. It’s like Naked and Afraid, but in your own home. Each week, a new household will take on the challenge of handing over everything they own -- including the clothes on their back. Each day, the participants can each retrieve one of their possessions from a storage unit. ET has your exclusive first look at the first such excursion made by the show’s first guinea pigs, married couple Justin and Ali.

“I don’t know how we’re going to make it to the storage container without being clothed,” Justin remarks. “This thing is a half mile away. So, we’re going to have to improvise.”

The pair fashions makeshifts outfits out of vines and other yard clippings in order to cover their not-safe-for-TV bits, before going dumpster diving to pull out some cardboard for more coverage.

“I feel like it’s modern-day Adam and Eve Vogue,” Ali, a stylist, jokes.

Once they make it across their neighborhood to the storage unit, Ali opts to grab a dress, while Justin ditches his plan to gnab clothing.

“I was gonna do pants today, because I thought, first off, pants, shirts, shoes, get myself together,” he says. “But, sleeping all night on the floor? I think the couch is a better way to go here.”

The couch counts as one item, but there are 27 pieces -- which means about a dozen trips to and from the storage unit… nude. Tune into the premiere of Stripped on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo to see how Ali and Justin handle the full, 21-day challenge. Check out the video below for a full breakdown of the show’s rules.


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