'Braxton Family Values' Sneak Peek: Birdman Makes a Big Gesture for Toni Amid On-Off Relationship (Exclusive)

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Toni Braxton and Birdman's relationship is a mystery to everyone but them. 

Only ET has an exclusive sneak peek at this week's episode of Braxton Family Values, in which Birdman makes a big gesture amid his and Toni's apparent off-on relationship. The rapper surprises Toni on stage at her concert, and while she greets him with open arms, her sisters aren't exactly impressed. 

"After Trina and I get dressed, we go back up to the stage and find Birdman and his crew sitting on the sidelines watching Toni Braxton. I mean, what is going on?" Towanda asks in her confessional. "Their relationship is a mystery. It's like the abyss."

"You know, watching Birdman surprise Toni, I'm just like, 'Huh?' I don't know. Is there a wedding? Is there not a wedding? Are you engaged? Are you not engaged?" Trina asks. "It's like they're playing double dutch. I'm in, I'm out, I'm in, out." 

See the moment in the video player above. 

Toni and Birdman's ups and downs have been documented this season on Braxton Family Values, with her recently telling Trina that they were no longer together. 

The pair announced their engagement in February 2018, but were plagued by breakup rumors earlier this year. As Toni previously told Trina, however, she's "not ready to talk about it yet." 

As of this Thursday's episode, it looks like Toni and Birdman are back on. See more on the Braxton family in the video below. 

Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv. 


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