'Braxton Family Values' Sneak Peek: Watch Tamar Hilariously Accuse Toni of Having a 'Thug Wedding' (Exclusive)

Tamar takes control of Toni's wedding planning on this week's episode of the WE tv show.

Toni Braxton's wedding planning commences on this week's episode of Braxton Family Values -- but it seems not everyone shares her vision for the big day. 

Only ET has an exclusive clip of the 50-year-old singer meeting with her sisters, Tamar and Towanda, to start interviewing wedding planners, before Tamar takes control. 

"I do weddings around the world, a night to remember, that's what I do," event planner Kevin Lee says, as Tamar glances up from her phone. "It has to be elegant and classy and fabulous."

"I have a question. Have you ever done a thug wedding before? Because that's what this is," Tamar says. "Come on, [Birdman is] a gangster, let's stop playing. He's certified, and I'm respecting that he's amazing, but have you ever done a thug wedding, this is what this is." 

"My wedding will not be a thug wedding, Tamar! Bryan [aka Birdman] is not like that. He has great taste. I mean, he's marrying me, so of course he has great taste," Toni explains. But Tamar isn't done with her interview. 

See what else she has to say in the video player above. 

Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv. 

ET spoke with Toni shortly after she got engaged to Birdman, where she revealed what's on her wedding wish list. Watch below.