Brenda Song Falls in Love Over Text Messages in 'Love Accidentally': Watch the Trailer (Exclusive)

The first original movie for Amazon's Freevee premieres July 15.

Brenda Song is finding love via text.

In Amazon Freevee's first original movie, Love Accidentally, Song plays Alexa, who gets dumped on her birthday and is down on her luck. But things may be looking up when she and her co-worker, Jason (Aaron O’Connell), are up for the same promotion at their advertising firm. Thinking she has texted a friend, Alexa mistakenly sends Jason a brokenhearted message. The two spark up an anonymous relationship via text with neither aware of who the other really is. When the truth comes out, will they be able to put their rivalry aside and let true love prevail?

ET exclusively debuts the official trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy, which tees up the unlikely romance that's about to unfurl between Alexa and Jason. As they square off against each other to position themselves for the cushy director of sales job, they each have a lot going on in their personal lives as they're both dealing with heartbreak.

So when Alexa accidentally sends a vulnerable text thinking her friend will receive it, she unknowingly has sent it to Jason. And, as the trailer shows, the two begin an unconventional friendship-turned-courtship over the phone as they open up about their biggest fears and vulnerabilities to who they think is a stranger.

"For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm out of control," Alexa laments as she unknowingly opens up to Jason.

"Run with it," he suggests, later praising her for having the bravery to show her feelings like that.

It's clear the two are falling for each other and when one of Jason's friends suggests "the girl of his dreams could be sitting at that table," he starts to rethink their faceless interactions. 

"I think we should meet," he suggests over text.

This won't end in disaster, right?

Denise Richards and Grease 2's Maxwell Caulfield also star in the romantic comedy. Barry Barnholtz and Jeffrey Schenck serve as executive producers, with Peter Sullivan directing.

Love Accidentally drops Friday, July 15 on Amazon's Freevee.

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