'Bringing Up Bates' Season 10 First Look: Michaella Reveals Her Life Plans (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek from Thursday's season premiere.

The Bates family is back.

UP tv's Bringing Up Bates follows the mega-family, which consists of parents Gil and Kelly Bates and their 19 kids -- several of whom now have children and families of their own -- as they embark on major life moments and navigate big changes. Only ET premieres an exclusive sneak peek from the first episode of season 10, which catches viewers up on what eldest daughter Michaella's plans are for the future.

In the clip, Michaella discusses finishing nursing school while on a light stroll with her mom, where she admits it's been an "all-consuming" endeavor. But she says she's "not nervous" at all.

"I know you're modest. I know you're humble and I know you don't want me to tell and nobody knows, but you're, like, top of your class, right?" her mom asks. Of course, Michaella doesn't take the bait, replying only to say, "I mean, I did my best."

Later, the oldest Bates daughter opens up about the pressures of successfully completing nursing school and upcoming exams. "I feel like it's taken every moment of my free time and some of Brandon's too," Michaella acknowledges, referring to her husband, Brandon Keilen.

And she's not out of the clear yet with boards right around the corner. "I can't quite relax yet not knowing when I'll get a test date," Michaella says. "Hoping that it's gonna be very soon because right now I feel like I'm ready and I'm prepared and it's very fresh in my mind at the moment."

Bringing Up Bates returns Thursday, April 8 at 9 p.m. ET on UP tv.

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