Britney Spears' Book Is 'Very Close to Being Finished' and She's 'Not Holding Back,' Source Says

Spears reportedly signed a $15-million book deal about a year ago.

Britney Spears is on the cusp of completing her tell-all memoir, and a source tells ET that she's "not holding back."

A source tells ET that the 41-year-old pop star "is very close" to finishing her book and says "they're in the homestretch of making it happen and finalizing all the details." What's more, the source says the memoir will be "everything you think she will talk about and more. She is not holding back."

Another source tells ET that writer Sam Lansky (The Gilded Razor, Broken People) "has helped ghostwrite" the singer's book.

"Britney had a few versions she has written and Sam has helped her put her story together," the source said.

It was just a little over a year ago when, according to multiple reports, the songstress signed a sizable $15-million book deal with publishing giant Simon & Schuster. Fast forward to now, the source tells ET that the memoir moved along so quickly largely due to Jamie Lynn Spears' interview in January 2022 on Spotify's Call Her Daddy podcast.

"Jamie Lynn's interview on Call Her Daddy pushed Britney even more to get her book done," the source says. "She wants to tell the world her story and her side of everything. Britney is really excited about her book, and she has been getting a lot of good feedback from industry people about it."

On the Call Her Daddy podcast, Jamie Lynn spoke about growing up with her famous sister, Britney's romances and an alleged incident with a knife that Britney denied in a tweet, writing that she was "never" around Jamie Lynn with a knife and would never "even think to do such." 

Jamie Lynn, however, stuck to her story, telling the podcast that she doesn't know what Britney, who's 10 years her senior, was scared of during that alleged incident.

"I was very young. This had come right after the whole marriage in Vegas and stuff. I think that people need to remember, I'm telling the story about what I experienced... that was an experience I went through and it was really scary. I felt really unsafe," Jamie Lynn said. "I think it's important that I say that, because I didn't understand it. I was a kid. I just knew I felt really scared, especially from somebody that [when] I'm scared I run to you, why am I now scared with you?... I never felt like she was scared in a way that she was going to harm me or anything, but it just felt weird. I didn't understand it."

Britney's reported book deal came just over three months after the singer's 13-year conservatorship was terminated by the court. The book deal also came on the heels of her and Jamie Lynn's public feud, sparked by the Sweet Magnolias actress' own memoir, Things I Should Have Said.