Britney Spears' Former Makeup Artist Says Singer 'Sees a Light' at End of Conservatorship Battle (Exclusive)

Britney Spears
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Billy B. tells ET that the pop star is 'is smarter than most people I know.'

Britney Spears has the support of Billy B Brasfield. The pop star's former makeup artist tells ET that he recently reconnected with her after a #FreeBritney rally that took place outside the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles on Aug. 19 amid her battle to remove her father, Jamie Spears, from her conservatorship.

Billy B says he has since been in direct contact with Britney via phone calls and text messages. 

“It’s inspiring to see how well she is managing the conservatorship case and she absolutely sees a light at the end of this very dark tunnel that she’s been in,” he says of the 38-year-old singer. “She said that she wants people to know that she sees what’s going on."

Last week, Britney objected to her father's motion to seal her case, with her lawyer, Samuel Ingham, stating that she wants to keep her fans informed.

Billy B tells ET that it’s been exciting to see how Britney is now able to speak through court documents and through her attorney. He feels that her working to keep the case information available to the public is like "a thank you note to her fans."

"That’s essentially what that was,” he says. “She is smarter than most people I know."

Just last week, Billy B posted on Instagram his support of Britney as her court battle continues. "She knows that the World is watching, and just like she is.... we are all waiting for the (way overdue) day that she regains her right to Live Her Best Life, on her terms, and no one else’s," he wrote. "Until then, as she fights for her most basic Human Rights, we will continue to #screamandshout, stand by her, and fight along side her, until the battle is over."

For more on Britney's legal woes with her father and the #FreeBritney movement, check out the video below.

Reporting by Joseph Corral.