Britney Spears' Lawyer Questions Her Dad's Motives as Jamie Files to 'Immediately Terminate' Conservatorship

In court documents obtained by ET, Jamie filed to 'immediately terminate' Britney's conservatorship.

As Jamie Spears files to "immediately terminate" Britney Spears' conservatorship, the pop star's attorney, Mathew Rosengart, is questioning his motives. In a status report obtained by ET, Jamie confirms his support of ending the conservatorship and affirms "his cooperation in transferring the administration of her estate to her and her chosen representatives."

"Jamie unconditionally loves and supports his daughter. Full stop. As he has done for her entire life, Jamie will do everything he can to protect and care for her," the report states. "For the last 13 years, that included serving as her Conservator. Now, it means ending her Conservatorship. So it is said in no uncertain terms, Jamie believes that the Conservatorship should end, immediately. Jamie will not seek to continue to serve as Conservator."

Jamie - who was suspended as conservator of Britney's estate in September and hired new attorneys last month -- goes on to say that his "administration of Britney’s estate has always been consistent with Britney’s best interests" and that he "encourages a full and transparent examination of the Conservatorship and has every confidence that said review will put to rest the outlandish, scurrilous and irresponsible speculation that has accompanied the media circus surrounding these proceedings."

Jamie maintains that the conservatorship was necessary as Britney's "life was in shambles and she was in physical, emotional, mental and financial distress." He says that it has now served its purpose and his daughter is ready to take control over her own life.

The singer's father also notes that he "does not make this request subject to a demand for releases or compensation – it is unconditional."

"Jamie has nothing to hide regarding his administration of Britney’s estate and will therefore hide nothing. Indeed, Jamie believes that every aspect of the Conservatorship should be made available for public examination – not the targeted leaks and misinformation that have resulted in such tabloid fodder," the document reads, noting that Jamie will cooperate and hand over all files relating to the conservatorship to Britney's lawyer and that he's committed to complete transparency.

Meanwhile, the "Sometimes" singer's lawyer also filed legal documents, claiming Jamie is trying to avoid being deposed under oath because he doesn't want to answer questions about Britney's home and phone allegedly being bugged, according to court documents also obtained by ET.

Rosengart noted in his filing that Jamie's new desire to end the conservatorship now was "motivated by a desire to bolster his reputation or to avoid his deposition or responding to the outstanding discovery served on him in August."

Rosengart also references' Jamie's new attorney's email dated October 22, 2021, which reads, "As far as Jamie is concerned, the conservatorship is done and can be terminated immediately . . . . So it is said in no uncertain terms my client has no interest in continuing the conservatorship and I will join in any effort to terminate immediately."

Rosengart is requesting all documents between Jamie and Tri Star, which detail any agreements, communications regarding payments made to Tri Star from the estate and payments made by the estate for legal services provided to Tri Star. He also requests to ask the singer's father under oath how much money he has received from his daughter's estate since the conservatorship began.

The lawyer also wants "documents and communications relating to the electronic surveillance of Britney's personal telephone and the placement of any recording devices in her home."

The docs also show a deposition date of Oct. 20, 2021, but it is unclear if that deposition actually occurred. Additionally, the document also reiterates Britney's desire to end the conservatorship and that all parties agree to do so without a medical evaluation.

"Ms. Spears has made her wishes known about ending the conservatorship she has endured for so long and she has pleaded with this Court to 'let her have her life back,' without an evaluation, recently attending two Court hearings and asking this Court directly to end the conservatorship," the doc states. "It is respectfully submitted—with the consent of all parties—that the time has come."

Meanwhile, in a since-deleted Instagram post shared Tuesday, Britney claims that while her father started her conservatorship 13 years ago, it was actually her mother, Lynne, who gave him the idea. The singer then blame her mother for "secretly ruining her life," before adding that her father is "not smart enough" to have ever thought of putting the popstar in a conservatorship in the first place.

"The moment I SMILE 😁 and I realize I haven’t in a very long time !!!! My mom gets so CONCERNED and says, 'You’re acting weird … what’s wrong with you ???', I say, 'Hi, my name is Britney Spears … nice to finally meet you !!!' Before I go any further, forgive me in advance …. It’s been 13 years and I’m a little rusty 💁🏼‍♀️ !!!! It was a family business before … it’s no longer that anymore !!!! I was BORN today cause I get to SMILE … so thank you for exiting out of my life and finally allowing me to live mine !!!!," Britney began before pointing the figure at Lynne.

"Psssss do I know how mean I sound ??? Yes … I 100 billion percent I do 💯👍🏼🤷🏼‍♀️ !!!! Pssss my dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago … but what people don’t know is is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea !!!!," she continued, calling out both her mother and her former business manager, Lou Taylor, for the role they played in kick-starting her conservatorship. "I will never get those years back …. she secretly ruined my life … and yes I will call her and Lou Taylor out on it … so take your whole, 'I have NO IDEA what’s going on,' attitude and go f**k yourself 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 !!!! You know exactly what you did … my dad is not smart enough to ever think of a conservatorship … but tonight I will smile knowing I have a new life ahead of me !!!!"

Jamie first filed to end the conservatorship in September. The news came nearly a month after he said he'd be willing to step down as conservator of her estate "when the time is right."

At the time, Rosengart called Jamie's move a "major victory" for the singer "and another step toward justice."

Rosengart also told ET after Jamie's suspension that Britney was "happy" about the decision. "I think you can assume she's very happy," he shared, also telling reporters that "the goal" is to free Britney from her conservatorship by her 40th birthday on Dec. 2.

Jamie's official removal will be decided at a later hearing on Nov. 12.