Brittany Snow and Justin Long Reminisce About the Holidays in 'Christmas With the Campbells' (Exclusive)

'Christmas With the Campbells' promises an unorthodox premise for a classic holiday tale.

Any good holiday rom-com comes with a sweet mixture of ingredients that make it perfect for a December night in, and Christmas With The Campbells -- co-written by Vince Vaughn -- appears to be no exception. 

In ET's exclusive sneak peek of the film, recently-dumped Jesse (Brittany Snow) sips hot cocoa with David (Justin Long), the cousin of her now-ex, in the back of a pickup truck at the bottom of a snowy mountain range.

"My mom loved Christmas," she tells the new acquaintance. "She died when I was eight, and when she was gone so was the magic of the holiday. And when my dad remarried, he just wanted to throw away all the memories, and Christmas went with it."

According the film's trailer, Jesse meets David after accepting an unorthodox invitation to spend Christmas with the parents of her ex-boyfriend, Shawn. 

"I never told Shawn any of that," Jesse continues in the clip while the two stare into the snowy distance. "I guess I was too afraid he would think I came with too many issues. I mean he thinks I talk a lot and I over-explain things and I go on long tangents about nothing, and I'm too sensitive and I cry too much and I don't put away things correctly. But," she concludes, "everyone has their thing." 

David reacts supportively as they both sip cocoa. "Oh yeah, everybody's got a little dirt under their nails," he says. "I find that most people think their dreams can't be reality, when more often than not all you have to do is reach out and grab them. They're right in front of you." 

Christmas With The Campbells releases in theaters and streams on AMC+ Dec. 2.