'Broad City': Ilana Goes Full 'Matrix' to Pay a Visit to Guest Star Mark Consuelos (Exclusive)

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer - Broad City season 5
Art Streiber

If you've been thinking, man, I really want to see a Matrix-Broad City mashup, well, your dreams have come true!

On Thursday's Broad City, Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer) drops in on an old flame so she can cash out her Bitcoin share. In an epic scene from the new episode shared exclusively with ET, Ilana goes all out for the visit to a Manhattan high-rise in an outfit dubbed one part Bitcoin Kween, one part The Matrix. Decking herself out in a black leather dress paired with matching gloves and thigh-high boots, the look would definitely make Carrie-Anne Moss proud.

With itty bitty sunglasses, a necklace made out of computer wires and wireless earbuds completing her look, Ilana sashays her way through the city to Black Tiger Sex Machine's "Zombie," using her powers alone to transform a walk sign to go, make a trio of dudes on the sidewalk very happy, and avoid being smacked in the face by a flying bagel.

When she finally makes her way inside AGPcapital, we hilariously watch her squeak her way through the floor of buttoned-up execs, only to reveal that her former hunk just so happens to be Mark Consuelos, giving off very Riverdale vibes.

Watch the full snippet below.

Fun fact: Consuelos' wife, Kelly Ripa, appeared on one of Broad City's most infamous episodes, "Coat Check," but the 47-year-old actor almost had a recurring role on the Comedy Central sitcom. He was originally cast as Abbi's (Abbi Jacobson) hot neighbor, Jeremy, playing him in the original pilot. Honestly, this guest role makes a whole lot more sense now.

Broad City airs on Thursdays at 10/9 central on Comedy Central.


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