'Broad City' Star Ilana Glazer Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Ilana Glazer
VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

The actress and husband David Rooklin are adding a new member into their family.

Ilana Glazer is pregnant!

The 33-year-old Broad City star and her husband, David Rooklin, are expecting their first child together. The actress revealed the exciting news during an interview and photoshoot with Entertainment Weekly, while promoting her new horror movie, False Positive.

"This was not supposed to happen this way, but it's just so eerie and cosmically funny that it has," Glazer expresses about the timing of her pregnancy and the release of her movie on Hulu June 25.

In False Positive, Glazer portrays Lucy, a woman who has failed to get pregnant. After she and her husband, Adrian (Justin Theroux) find their dream fertility doctor Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan) and become pregnant with a baby girl, Lucy suspects that something sinister is going on.

"I'm lucky; I'm in control, unlike our protagonist. I don't feel like I'm having the rug pulled out from under me in any way," Glazer says adding that she's gotten a sense of security from the "amazing role models for pregnancy and parenthood" surrounding her. "I'm not afraid to ask a billion questions. There are certain trends in society of how pregnancy should look -- the shoulda coulda wouldas that are put on women all the time but are so amplified in pregnancy. I'm specifically seeking out the most spiritually healthy and welcoming experience."

Glazer and Rooklin tied the knot in February 2017. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, she shares that she's had to have her ultrasound appointments via FaceTime with her husband, and "desperately missing sharing [my pregnancy] through stand-up."

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