Brody Jenner and Audrina Patridge React to Their Kiss on 'The Hills' -- How Justin Bobby Felt! (Exclusive)

Justin Bobby also talks to ET about wanting to settle down.

Get ready for some major chemistry when The Hills: New Beginnings returns for season 2! The original stars are back and so are the sparks. In the trailer for the second season of the MTV reboot, Audrina Patridge reveals that she kissed pal Brody Jenner

ET's Katie Krause got the chance to speak with both Brody and Audrina about the kiss as well as co-star and Audrina's ex, Justin Bobby Brescia

"Audrina and I are just very close friends. We've always had chemistry, Audrina and I, and we get along very well," Brody tells ET. "We like to stay up late and talk, and hang out. I mean, you have to watch to see what happens with that." 

The single reality star admits that he will "always" have feelings for Audrina, noting, "Audrina's hot. What can I say? Audrina's beautiful." 

Audrina, who says she's starting to date more in season 2, agrees that she and Brody have "always had chemistry."

"We respect each other and we could stay up for hours and just keep talking and we have the best time together," she shares. "So it just, I don't know, you guys are gonna have to watch and see if there's a kiss or not, or how the kiss was. But yeah, you know, I feel like we'll always be in each other's lives and you'll have to see what happens." 

As Audrina's co-stars tease her about one day tying the knot with Brody, her ex, Justin Bobby, insists, "She'll do it, she'll do it. I swear she'll do it. She will marry Brody like that."

So how does the man who's so great he needed two names feel about his ex's steamy kiss?

"I didn't know anything, I was just kind of aloof about it," he confesses. "I know they hang out quite a bit and I know they always talk, but I mean, I've never seen anything in action myself. But if it did, kudos to them."

As for the status of his relationship with Audrina, the exes are on better terms this season after a rocky season 1. 

"Towards the end of this season, we ended up talking a lot more, which was nice because there's that comfort," Justin Bobby shares. "It was sparky. It's something we're so naturally good at is hanging out and being together sometimes. So you'll just have to see."

Audrina agrees, adding, "I think Justin and I, we're in a good place, you know, we're better than we were last season and we've known each other for so long. I think there's always gonna be that friendship. Whether the friendship changes, I don't know, over time. There's so much history. So yeah, I think we're in a good place and you'll get to kind of see that on the show too and where it goes."

In the trailer, Justin Bobby admits to looking for something more serious moving forward, but he knows that it will require the right partner. 

"It really does depend on the other person, right?" he says. "It depends on who you meet. I'm not gonna make the same mistakes my parents made, and I'm gonna really pay attention and if it takes me longer than most, then so be it. I'm gonna make the right decision once and then that's it."

The Hills: New Beginnings season 2 premieres Wednesday, May 12 on MTV at 9 p.m. ET.