Brooke Shields Details Rape After Graduating From Princeton: 'I Just Absolutely Froze'

The actress makes the revelation in her upcoming Hulu documentary 'Pretty Baby.'

Brooke Shields is making a startling admission in her upcoming Hulu documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, detailing for the first time she was raped by an "industry insider" after graduating from Princeton. 

In the documentary, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is coming soon to the streaming giant, the 57-year-old actress recalled the harrowing experience she says happened during a period when she was struggling to find work in Hollywood.

Shields says, via Entertainment Weekly, that she met this unnamed man for dinner to discuss possible work. After dinner, she says the man invited her to his hotel room to wait for a taxi.

"He said, 'Come back to the hotel and I'll call a cab'" Shields recalls. "And I go up to the hotel room, and he disappears for a while."

Shields says she then picked up binoculars and watched out the window to look at some volleyball players.

"The door opens, the person comes out naked, and I've got the binoculars and I'm like, 'S**t," she continues. "And I put the binoculars down and he's right on me. Just like, was wrestling."

The actress explains that, out of fear for physical violence, she didn't try to run away or get away from him.

"I was afraid I'd get choked out or something," she says. "So I didn't fight that much. I didn't. I just absolutely froze. I thought one 'No' should've been enough, and I just thought, 'Stay alive and get out,' and I just shut it out. God knows I knew how to be disassociated from my body. I'd practiced that... I went down in the elevator, and I got my own cab. I just cried all the way to my friend's apartment."

According to Deadline, Shields described the man in question only as "an industry insider."

The documentary, directed by Lana Wilson, takes on the same title as the 1978 film Shields appeared in when she was 12 years old. The documentary is set to explore Shields' other high-profile roles in The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love, as well as taking the world by storm as a model for Calvin Klein jeans.