Brooke Shields Jokingly Calls 15-Year-Old Daughter Grier an 'A**hole'

Grier Henchy and Brooke Shields
Marco Piraccini/Archivio Marco Piraccini/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Shields got candid about parenting teenagers on the 'Armchair Expert' podcast.

Brooke Shields has no problem getting candid about motherhood! The 56-year-old model and actress opened up about being mom to her daughters, 18-year-old Rowan and 15-year-old Grier, during an appearance on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast. 

Co-host Monica Padman asked Shields of her kids, "How old are they?"

"18 and a**hole," she quipped of Grier. "Yeah, she is 15. She's 15. That's what she is, is 15."

Shields went on to talk about her youngest, who has recently stepped out with her at Milan Fashion Week in September. 

"I just got this FaceTime. There's this dress she wants to buy and there's this drama. I'm trying to succinctly tell her what is the best plan of action to get said dress and in case said dress doesn't fit the same way we can get another one, but this whole thing," she shared. "But I was laying it out and then I get a text that says, 'I really don't appreciate the way you talk to me. I think that you talk to me like I am a child.' And I'm like, hmmm OK."

She went on to praise her daughter's abilities during an argument, saying, "The 15-year-old, she shocks me at times with her, I mean, she's like a social justice warrior, but she can take an argument and, I mean, manipulate it. She can do something wrong and you'll apologize. I would love her to be a prosecutor or something." 

She said her two daughters were "so different," calling them, "night and day."  

"My girls tell me everything, and it usually ends up with, 'Don't tell Dad!'" she quipped of her husband, Chris Henchy.

Shields, who has long been very open with her struggles with postpartum depression after the birth of Rowan, went on to explain the different relationships she has with her two daughters. 

"With Rowan, I had really bad postpartum depression and my hands were like a prizefighter's after a loss, massively swollen. So between depression and crying all the time and not being able to hold the baby, and trouble breastfeeding and all that stuff, he had to sort of swoop in and he went from being a guy who was like, 'Oh, I'm going to break the baby,' to football hold, on the phone, the rocking and all, and just swooped in," she explained. "With the second child, I was fine and so I was uber at it and we had very different relationships with number one and two." 

As for how she views motherhood now, Shields said she only had one experience that made her regret becoming a mom. 

"I said I never regretted having children until I sent my first one to college. Because you're just like, 'Oh, I didn't expect this kind of pain.' I mean, gutted," she shared. "It seems like it's going to be forever."