Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Love Balooja’s Foundation Rescue Dog Organization, Founder Explains Why

Brooklyn Beckham
Nicola Peltz/Instagram

Balooja's Foundation founder Sal Valdepeña explains why Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz adopted a rescue dog from his organization.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz added a new member to their family when they adopted rescue dog Angel from non-profit organization Balooja’s Foundation in January.

Courtesy of Sal Valdepeña

“They adopted Angel from us. I think they were drawn to her being a tripod and needing that special family who would see past her disability. They have given that little girl pure love since day one,” Sal Valdepeña, Founder of Balooja’s Foundation, tells ET.

And if you’re looking to adopt your own pup, Valdepeña believes there is a dog for everyone at his Southern California-based rescue organization. 

Courtesy of Sal Valdepeña

“Balooja’s Foundation is a non-breed specific rescue. We take seniors, major medical, young dogs, and puppies. … We save dogs from death at overcrowded shelters, dogs with special medical needs, handicapped dogs, older dogs, and we find them loving, happy homes,” he explains.

Not only does the owner help provide the four-legged animals with love, but he helps people receive it too.

“Rescuing a dog can enhance people’s lives because of the unconditional, unwavering love they provide. … My favorite part of rescuing dogs is seeing dogs who would have been euthanized or died being loved in families,” he says.

Courtesy of Sal Valdepeña

Other ways to get involved include volunteer opportunities, fostering, fundraising, public education campaigns, and more.

“Our future goal would be to open our own veterinary hospital that offers low-cost veterinary care to low-income families,” he notes.

Adoptions are available on the @BaloojasFoundation Instagram account. For more information or to donate, please visit