Brooklyn Beckham Recalls 'Nerve Wracking' Moment in His Proposal to Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham proposed to Nicola Peltz in July 2020.

Brooklyn Beckham got a bit nervous when he proposed to his now-fiancée, Nicola Peltz, back in July 2020. 

Beckham, 22, appeared on Monday's episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, and opened up about his romantic proposal, saying Peltz didn't know it was coming. 

The son of David and Victoria Beckham shared that the proposal took place in Bedford, New York, in a white gazebo which he filled with Peltz's favorite flowers -- peonies -- as well as candles, caviar, and her favorite wine. 

"I couldn't open up the wine, which was really embarrassing. After 10 minutes I finally opened it, poured her a glass, got on my knees. She didn't know what I was doing," Beckham insisted. 

When host Corden claimed the setup was pretty self-explanatory, Beckham insisted, "I always tell her how much I love her. I love doing that stuff for her all the time."

But when it came time for him to actually pop the question, Beckham moved his future bride to tears, rendering her speechless. 

"I start telling her how much I love her. It lasted like five minutes. And then I reach back, I've got the ring, I open it, I was like, 'Will you marry me? Because I want to be with you for the rest of my life. You're my best friend,'" he recalled. "And she just started crying, and I was like, 'Oh no!' And then she didn't answer me for another five minutes, she just kept crying. And I was like, 'Is it a yes? Is it a no?' It was a little bit nerve wracking."

Noting that he stayed on his knees "the whole time," Beckham was relieved when the answer from the 27-year-old actress was finally a yes. 

In a November 2021 interview, the photographer and host of the Instagram show Cookin With Brooklyn said that he hoped to marry Peltz in 2022

"We've been engaged for a year and if COVID wasn't a thing we'd have liked to have been married already, and it has been a bit difficult," he told Hello! at the time. "You know, I've only just started to travel again. I'm traveling a little bit now, but hopefully it'll be next year."