Bruno Bichir Says Brother Demián Has Been Going Through a 'Hard' Time Following Wife's Death (Exclusive)

The 'Party of Five' star also spoke to ET about the complexities of immigration and deportation.

There's nothing like family support.

Bruno Bichir, who stars as patriarch Javier Acosta in the Party of Five reboot, is not only portraying a family member who is going through a difficult time, he's been living through one as well. 

Last year, Bruno's older brother, veteran Mexican actor Demián Bichir, revealed that his wife, Stefanie Sherk, unexpectedly died. ET confirmed her death was ruled a suicide.

"It's been hard. It is, for everyone," Bruno tells ET about how his family's been coping. "Not only for us, but obviously for everyone."

Since the tragic event, the family has leaned on each other. "That's exactly what we do. We support each other. That's what we know," Bruno expresses. "This is what we know as Mexicans…We want to help. In Latin America, there's so much family around, there is always someone happy to help and to [offer a] shoulder [to lean on]. And that's what we Latin-American people do, we support each other no matter what."

Bruno touches on another complex family issue in his Freeform series. The Party of Five reboot follows the Acosta siblings as their parents -- Javier (Bruno) and Gloria (Fernanda Urrejola) -- suddenly get deported from the United States to Mexico. Right from the beginning, the reimagined version is as heart-wrenching as it sounds. 

However, the show is not only a story made for television, but it is what thousands of people have gone through. 

"We all have, as immigrants, family, aunts, uncles, nephews, [etc.] who have tried to go and get a better life and get mistreated. The struggle is inexplicable," Bruno shares. "They have to forget who they are to become a whole new person and that's so [heartbreaking]. We're pushing immigrants to be ghosts and they don't deserve that. They deserve to be alive and to be part of us."

As viewers have seen, the Acosta kids have gone through plenty of ups and downs after their parents get deported. They've faced racial inequality, family betrayal and illness. While Javier and Gloria do what they can to reunite with their children, the siblings will continue to face much adversity. However, Bruno says it will all be worth it. 

"We're going to see how these problems start to affect the flow, the heart, the thoughts of these characters from the inside," he says. "They are going to be in conflict because they don't know how to proceed with the situation that is affecting them. From the politics, the economic [side of it], and society, they will culpar and blame their problems on each other and that is what we're concerned about."

"When the problems from outside of your house start to come inside, it's so easy to blame each other and the venom starts to grow," he continues. "You will start to see that these characters are confused, they're desperate and they're angry that they don't deserve this. And also, because the characters are so intelligent, sensitive and lovely, they are going to see how strong they are and how they are going to win their wars and battles. It's going to be very emotional for the audience to watch. That's why this series is very exciting."


Overall, Bruno hopes that viewers get an inside look at immigrant families who have gone through the same situation, or know someone who has gone through these experiences. He thinks the hardest part of educating others about the struggles that immigrants go through is the fear that they may have about the unknown. 

"If we start to understand the problems of our fellow human beings all over the world, we will probably be empathetic," he assures. "If I do my job in the finest way, I could probably be able to touch the mind and the heart of those people who don't want to [understand]."

Above all else, Party of Five is a show about family, love and unity. "We want the whole nation to be aware of what we're saying and to be empathetic and happy to see how this family gets through all these problems and wins," Bruno says.

Party of Five airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Freeform.