Bryan Cranston Won’t Be Signing Autographs for Fans Anymore — Here’s Why!

Bryan Cranston talks Charles Manson
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The 'Breaking Bad' actor said that autographs have just gotten to be too much -- although selfies are still fine by him.

Bryan Cranston is hanging it up -- the autograph pen, that is.

Some social media users temporarily freaked out on Thursday when the revered Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle actor tweeted out, in part, "I'm retiring." But fortunately, the man who helped turn Walter White into a household name was just referring to the crush of autograph requests he gets from his very adoring fans.

"Friends, After 18 years of signing everything for fans - I’m retiring. Overwhelmed by requests and I just can’t do it anymore," he wrote on Twitter and Facebook. "I love meeting fans and will personalize pix in person, but that’s all. Thanks for your understanding. See you on the street - we’ll take a selfie! Bryan"

Social media followers, hilariously and predictably, responded with a torrent of Breaking Bad gifs expressing their existential despair.

Most fans appeared to be more than understanding of Cranston's position. The 61-year-old actor has always made efforts to be fan friendly, showing equal measures of compassion and humor.

In 2014, he helped a 19-year-old high school graduate with terminal cancer fulfill his bucket list by Skyping with him, sending him a boatload of Breaking Bad swag and sending an ice cream truck to visit his family. That same year, he recorded a video for a high school student -- in full Walter White voice -- helping the boy ask ask a girl out to prom.

And he once hilariously walked around San Diego Comic Con wearing a Walter White mask, unbenownst to fans, until he pulled it off at a Breaking Bad panel.

Cranston recently visited the set of Better Call Saul for a mini-reunion as they taped season 3 of the show. Watch below for an exclusive look into that reunion.