Bryce Hall Says He's Taming His 'Party Animal' Lifestyle Amid Backlash (Exclusive)

The TikTok star was charged for throwing a massive party in L.A.

The party's over for Bryce Hall. In August, the TikTok star and his pal, Blake Gray, got in trouble with the law for throwing a massive party in Los Angeles amid the coronavirus pandemic. Hall and Gray, who share a rented home in the Hollywood Hills, were charged with one misdemeanor count for violating the Safer L.A. Health Order and the City’s Party House Ordinance.

Over a month later, Hall tells ET's Katie Krause that he's learned his lesson and says the party was "a huge f**k-up" in his career. "I fully regret the party," he confides. "I didn't expect that many people to come."

That being said, the 21-year-old social media star is bothered by his fellow influencers calling him out about hosting an event with guests not wearing masks or practicing social distancing, and challenges them to "practice what you preach."

"They're all liars. All these people are liars, and I hate it," he says, alleging that some people that called him out are not abiding by the quarantine laws.

Hall, who says he still smokes weed and drinks every once in a while, adds that his party animal lifestyle will be "tamed for a bit." He later quips, "Tamed, not dead." 

As for what he's learned during these unprecedented times, Hall admits, "I feel l definitely need to work on not being as problematic ...[But] I've been good, I've been chillin' for the past month. I haven't gotten into anything."

It's Hall's hope that fans can see that he's a "pretty nice guy."

"I feel like as more people watch me across all my platforms, [I don't want them to just] highlight the negatives I've done in my past or the current," he says. "I have really good intentions for everything that I'm doing."

The TikTok star has a lot of gratitude for his fans that have taken him this far. "Thank you, guys so much for supporting me through everything. You literally are the world to me, without you guys, I would be absolutely nothing. I'm sure you guys know that."

To connect even more with fans, Hall has started a podcast called Capital UniversityThe podcast is co-hosted by investor Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, and is designed to help Hall learn how to manage his growing bank account. Episodes will premiere weekly and their next guest will be Mark Cuban, followed by Josh Richards.

"Influencers should listen to the podcast and people who want to become influencers or want to invest their money because it does give a good sense of like, 'Yo, you don't make money all the time, especially being in this industry,'" he says. "Save it while you have it."



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