Cameron Diaz Launches Her Own Line of White Wine and Rose Just in Time for Summer

Cameron Diaz at a photocall for "Sex Tape"
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Cameron Diaz is getting into the booze business! The 47-year-old actress announced on Thursday that she's launched a "new, clean wine brand" called Avaline with entrepreneur Katherine Power. 

The brand is starting out with the release of white and rosé wines that, according to the press release, are "vegan-friendly, made with organic grapes and free of unnecessary extras like sugars, colors and concentrates." They are priced at about $24 a bottle.

As for why Diaz decided to get into this business, she says she wanted to make a "cleaner wine."

"I enjoyed wine for many-a-year and never questioned it. Not once. I actually figured it was the most responsible alcohol choice because it was made with fermented grapes! But I had no idea of the process," she shares. "One of the first conversations Katherine and I had about making a cleaner wine was ‘what are we going to add to it?’ We soon learned it wasn't what you added, it's what you didn't add."

"As Cameron and I spent two years developing, tasting and refining Avaline, we could never have imagined the world in which we all find ourselves today. But it’s clear to us that, as we navigate the important complexities of 2020, it has become more vital than ever to find joy in small, everyday moments," adds Power. "Avaline was created for those very moments. When we’re cooking dinner, unwinding at the end of the day or catching up with loved ones, Avaline is here to bring lightness and positivity."

Diaz isn't the first actress to start her own line of alcohol. Her pal, Drew Barrymore, has her own line of wine as well as Sarah Jessica Parker and Christie Brinkley name a few. 


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