Camila Cabello Chops Off Her Hair for the First Time

camila cabello at global awards 2020 in london
Lia Toby/PA Images via Getty Images

Shawn Mendes took the pic of the singer's new 'do!

Camila Cabello is rocking a brand new look. The 23-year-old singer took to Instagram on Thursday to debut her new, much shorter haircut courtesy of Los Angeles-based hairstylist Dimitri Giannetos.

In the pic, Cabello turns her head as she shows off her shorter, wavy locks, which now fall just below her shoulders. The waves continue all the way up to Cabello's bangs, which complete her new look.

"LOST MY SHORT HAIR VIRGINITY!!!!" Cabello exclaimed in the caption. "I’ve had long hair all my life it’s TIME TO FEEL THE AIR ON THESE SHOULDERS BABY"

Cabello's boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, took to the comment section to ask for a "photo cred" on the shot, a request that was granted by the "My Oh My" singer.

Mendes' love for Cabello goes much further than just taking pics for her. In fact, in a trailer for his upcoming Netflix documentary, In Wonder, Mendes reveals that all of his songs are about his girlfriend of more than a year.

"My song comes on the radio or something and I'm like, 'Everything's about you. They're all, they have always been about you,'" Mendes says in the trailer. "She goes, 'What do you mean?' Like, 'They're all about you. Like, every song I've ever wrote.'" 

Digging deep to write all those songs about Cabello also allowed Mendes to be a better boyfriend.

"I thought that I was a pretty open, emotional guy until I started being in a relationship with someone that I really, truly love and, realizing that, 'Oh no, I really have this big ego, and I don’t want to show her that I’m hurting and I don’t want to show her that that offended me, and like, I want to be the man, and I want to be strong in this relationship,'" he said in a interview earlier this month. "It actually was hurting our relationship."

Watch the video below for more on the couple.