Camilo and Evaluna Montaner's Relationship Timeline

The two married in February 2020.

Camilo and Evaluna Montaner took their time heading to the altar, but after five years together, the pair wed in a romantic ceremony in Miami in February 2020. The couple has become known not only for their offscreen romance but their work-life balance and all-around likability. 

"We know that our relationship is not only our project but it’s our testimony and it's a very huge part of our purpose in life,'" Camilo told ET in March about his marriage. "My relationship with my wife has a lot of good impact on a lot of people. We know that that's part of our purpose and we have been very open about a lot of things."

The duo met in 2015 while hosting an event together in Camilo's native Bogotá, Colombia. Since their engagement in 2018, Camilo and Evaluna haven't shied away from sharing their adoration for each other on social media, and are oftentimes the center of each other's work in the music industry.

2015 -- First Meeting 

Camilo and Evaluna were hired separately to host an event in Colombia. Little did they know when they were brought on the job that they would end up becoming soulmates. After meeting her, he wrote his long-distance ladylove the song "Medialuna," featured as the opening track on his album, Por Primera Vez.

Evaluna showed the song to her famous father, Latin icon Ricardo Montaner, who signed him to his HAMM label.

April 2016 - Sweet Milestones and Memories

For their one year anniversary, Camilo shared a cute video of the couple watching the sunset as he played a sweet melody for Evaluna. Since making things official, the two spent time traveling, strengthening their bond and getting to know each other's family. 

August 2018 -- Engaged at Last

Camilo announced his engagement to Evaluna in a touching post on Instagram. "El mejor día de mi vida," he wrote alongside a photo of Evaluna wiping away his tears as he held a ring box. "Que si me siento muy chiquito para casarme? Sí. Sí me siento... Que si estoy seguro que ella es la mujer de mi vida?? Sí, estoy seguro. Yo con ella quiero pasar el resto de mi vida... y quiero que “el resto de mi vida” empiece YA."

February 2020 -- I Do

The couple tied the knot on Feb. 8, 2020 in front of 350 friends and family in Miami, Florida. Evaluna's famous dad walked her down the aisle, and then the father-daughter duo shared an emotional dance to Ricardo's hit 2002 song, "Si Tuviera Que Elegir."

March 2020 -- First Collaboration

Shortly after getting married, the newlyweds dropped their first-ever collaboration on March 3, "Por Primera Vez," a romantic pop song written by Camilo, Evaluna, Juan Morelli, Jon Leone and Gabriel Edgar González Pérez. The track is a reflection of their own personal love story and the music video featured moments from their wedding day.

"It’s the collaboration of my dreams," Camilo said in a statement when the song was released. "I’m singing a song with the woman to whom I write all of my songs.” As for Evaluna, she gushed: "Collaborating with my husband is a dream come true. It’s a song that is just like us, and I’m thrilled that people will be able to know us better.” 

March 2020 -- Honeymoon

Following their wedding, the couple shared moments of their three-week honeymoon with their fans. Their tropical getaway to French Polynesia was at the center of Camilo's "Favorito" music video. The visual showed the two enjoying the gorgeous ocean, snorkeling, swimming, toasting to their love and more.

September 2020 -- First Home Together

They took fans on another journey in September, when Camilo shared the music video for "Vida de Rico." In the video, the newlyweds couldn't be happier as they move into their first home together and celebrate with their family.

"We've been sharing with everybody the different chapters of our story, since we met, from when I fell in love, when we got engaged," Camilo told ET. "When we got married, we wrote a song about it. When we went on our honeymoon, we made a music video about it. When we bought our first house, we did a music video and a song about that."

March 2021 -- More Work, More Romance

The duo collaborated yet again on "Machu Picchu," which was accompanied by a steamy music video. The song is featured on his second album, Mis Manos.

"This is one of the collaborations that I love the most because it's a song with my wife. She's my favorite artist ever," Camilo said of their latest track together. "For us, it's very important that our second official collaboration was something about what we're living right now. The song is a bit more intimate, and Evaluna is the sexiest person I know," he praised. "She's super sexy and I, not only as her husband but as her number one fan, I'm really waiting for her to share that sexy side of her identity. So this song is going to be that."

The Future

As for their family and having kids one day, the couple hopes to become parents in the near future.

"That's part of my dreams," Camilo expressed to ET. "At the beginning of our relationship, we were talking and saying, 'Let's have seven kids.' We dreamed about that. But to be honest, we know that we don't want our plans to be done, we want God's plan to be done in our lives. So we know that he's planning a lot of things with our careers, with our purposes, with our journeys."

"I don't know when it's going to happen and I don't know how many kids we are going to have," he added. "But yes, I think we're going to. And [being parents] is for sure going to be part of the journey."