Diego Boneta Joins Star-Studded Latinx Cast for ‘Father of the Bride’ Remake

The actor is joining the star-studded remake which will be told through the relationships of a big, sprawling Cuban American family.

Diego Boneta is joining a star-studded Latinx cast for the remake of Father of the Bride. The Mexican actor who recently portrayed superstar singer, Luis Miguel in a Netflix bioseries, confirmed the casting news on Instagram Monday.

"Honored to join this team! @gazalazraki @adriaarjona @planbentertainment @wbpictures #fatherofthebride," Boneta wrote.

The latest iteration of the franchise will still center on the father of a soon-to-be bride coming to terms with his daughter’s big day, but will be told through the relationships of a big, Cuban-American family.

Boneta will be starring alongside Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan, Adria Arjona and Isabela Merced for the Warner Bro' remake. The 30-year-old singer and actor will be the man getting ready to marry Arjona’s character. Garcia and Estefan are the parents, while Merced is the second daughter.

ET spoke with Estefan last week about how she hopes viewers feel "the warmth and the love that Latin families have for each other. The extended family, how everybody's involved, how everybody sticks our two cents where they belong or don't belong."

"The comedy is really, really well written and I think it's got a really beautiful message too. The groom is Mexican and his family's Mexican, and there's the Cuban side of the bride," she added. "Hopefully celebrate cultures in a wonderful, warm, deep way that doesn't stick to stereotypes... A film should be good no matter what culture is being talked about, and that makes me happy because hopefully people will identify with it...Get ready baby, that's gonna be crazy!"

Garcia had previously talked about the project while promoting his new show, Rebel. The actor told ET's Rachel Smith last month that the Latinx twist was the major reason he joined the project.

"Here's another opportunity that came my way, again exploring that element of my culture. We are all big fans of Father of the Bride. I think it's a great movie," Garcia expressed. "We watched all of them from the [Spencer] Tracy version to the Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Marty Short version. These are quite different films. But I'm very excited about it. We're in the process of building the cast as we speak. We have a great director and a great producing team Plan B. And I'm excited about it. We'll go right from the end of this over to Georgia and Miami to shoot it."

ET learned in March that Garcia would front the new film, taking over Steve Martin's role in the original Nancy Meyers-written flick which premiered in 1991. The sequel, Father of the Bride Part II, was released in 1995. Garcia will also be serving as an executive producer on the project alongside Paul Perez.