Candace Cameron Bure Responds to 'Strange' Criticism Over Who She Follows on Social Media

'A follow does not mean I agree with everything they say and do,' the actress said.

Candace Cameron Bure is defending her social media choices. The 44-year-old actress took to her Instagram Story on Thursday after reading comments that criticized her for following certain people on social media.

"I read several comments from people... that were disappointed or told me they were unfollowing me because of the people I choose to follow on Instagram," she said. "It's always strange to me because I follow a very broad range of people, politically, within my work industry, and then personal friends and things I like."

Bure's wide-ranging follows, however, do not equate to an endorsement from the actress.

"A follow does not mean I agree with everything they say and do. It just means I follow a broad range of people so that I have perspective," she said. "I want to know what's going on in the world. I want to hear different sides of the argument."

"I follow people in entertainment that I don't necessarily agree with or act the same way [as], but I want to hear what our society, what culture, is dishing out," Bure continued. "That helps me even more know who I am, and find answers, and know the truth, and be prepared with those answers."

While Bure firmly believes that "you don't have to agree with everyone you follow," she also knows that following people with opposing views isn't something for everyone.

"I choose to follow people that think like me and not like me. And I think that is really the healthiest perspective. That's how I navigate social media," she said. "I think it's healthy to follow a lot of it, but I'm also not an argumentative person in that way, so if I read things that I disagree with -- and even if that's politically... I follow left and right -- it doesn't make my blood boil. I don't get angry at it."

"Maybe it's healthy for some of you to not follow people you disagree with, but it doesn't upset me," Bure added. "It just gives me perspective."

Bure often addresses her critics online, most recently in regard to the "unkind comments" she received about her family's holiday card. Watch the video below to see what she had to say then.