Candace Cameron Bure Says First Time Dad-to-Be John Stamos Is a 'Baby Whisperer' (Exclusive)

The 41-year-old star of 'Fuller House' thinks Stamos is in for a surprise when his first real-life baby arrives.

Candace Cameron Bure thinks Fuller House co-star John Stamos may have a surprise in store when his first child is born.

Bure spoke to ET's Keltie Knight on Saturday at the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in Inglewood, California, dishing on Stamos' impending parenthood with wife Caitlin McHugh and the ongoing drama behind the scenes of Fuller House.

Stamos gained a reputation as the "baby whisperer" on multiple shows he's starred on, and Bure said that he still has that same love of kids. But, she said that real fatherhood is going to be very different from being a dad on set.

"He is the baby whisperer!" Bure told ET. "I don’t think he needs that much advice, except he’s going to be around his baby 24/7 now, and usually he gets to walk away on a set. So Caitlin, I think, has her work cut out for her. "

Bure wondered whether Stamos' tendency to spoil his on-set kids would continue when his real-life baby is born. "He’ll be like, ‘Oh, but I know what you do when you’re with your parents!’"

Stamos announced in December that he and McHugh, 31, were expecting their first child together. The actor has since handled the pregnancy with his usual humor, recently posting a hilarious flashback photo of himself from his Full House days with a fake baby bump.

Just this week, he posted a video on Instagram of himself and his pregnant wife doing a mini March For Life with the Golfiere twins, Emelia and Layla, who starred with Stamos on Grandfathered.

"Feeling optimistic today bringing a child into this world! #BackyardMarch w/ @golfieritwins and @caitlinskybound #marchforourlives," he captained the short video.

Bure also addressed the ongoing drama behind the scenes of Fuller House, which recently saw the series creator, Jeff Franklin, fired amid allegations of inappropriate behavior in the writers room. She said things will be different on-set with new writers in charge, even if they have been involved with the series since the beginning.

"I’m a little nervous, I’ll be honest," she said. "But they’ve been with us since season one, so I have confidence in them."

"I think we’re OK," she continued. "We all have so much love for the show, and we want to produce the best television we can for everyone watching. That’s the goal, and we’re sticking to it."

To see Bure's reaction to Franklin's firing, watch the video below.



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