Candace Cameron Bure Says Her Hallmark Projects Are In Flux Amid Coronavirus Quarantine (Exclusive)

The actress was filming a new Aurora Teagarden mystery when production was shut down.

With Hollywood in limbo amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Candace Cameron Bure is remaining positive despite her Hallmark projects being postponed. The 43-year-old actress spoke via video chat with ET's Katie Krause about how the outbreak has impacted her work. 

"We were in the middle of filming a new Aurora Teagarden mystery for the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel, and we got in one week of production and then we were shut down, which I was very happy about," Bure tells ET. "I thought that was the most responsible decision, and it was the right decision. So I left Vancouver and immediately came home to my family, and we were all hoping that within two weeks or three weeks we'd start production back up, but now watching the news every day, I don't see that happening." 

As for when she'll return to set and filming, Bure admits that she still has no idea. 

"There isn't [a timeline] because the news is changing every day," she explains. "We're getting all these updates and it's getting pushed, so it's really hard to plan anything, but we're all in communication, and at this point, it's a waiting game. I don't think we're going to have answers for at least another 10 days."

In the meantime, Hallmark is treating viewers to a "We Need a Little Christmas" special marathon of its Christmas classics from Friday, March 20 to Sunday, March 22. 

"If that doesn't bring cheer, what will? I was delighted to hear," Bure says of the network's announcement. "I have many, many fans on social media reaching out saying, 'Please show the Christmas movies! They make me so happy.' So I was happy that Hallmark heard the message."

But in order to keep the peace in her own home, Bure won't be watching along with fans. 

"I think my husband and my children will kick me out of the house if I turn my Christmas movies on," she quips. "They'll be like, 'We deal with this once a year with you. We're not doing this in March!'"

Bure acknowledges that much of the stress at this time revolves around uncertainty with people's jobs. 

"I think that's the real struggle with so many of us and the fear and the worry is our jobs. So many of us are not able to go and work and we're restricted from doing that, and so we think about all the bills that we have to pay and our mortgage and our food and everything," she says. "And that affects every single person no matter what your position is, no matter what your job is. That's the unknown part that's scary." 

But the actress is trying to take some time to enjoy her life at home with her family. 

"I'm enjoying the time being home because my kids are home, my husband's home, and we're usually all scattered, so I'm looking at the positives, and I'm so happy to be home with my family," she says. "We are cooking so much at home. I do have a cookware line [Cookcraft by Candace]. We're taking the time to cook all the kinds of recipes that we never do because they took too long. And now we have tons of time."

One of her sons, 18-year-old Maksim, is still out of state in Minnesota, where he attends college. 

"I still have one out of state. I've got two home," she says. "I'm not freaking out, but we're monitoring it every day. He's happy. He wants to stay there. He's safe and he's doing everything he has to do. If they're shutting down flying within the country, then mama's gonna bring him home."

As for general stress at this time, Bure is keeping a positive attitude. 

"It's hard not to worry to some extent, but I'm not a big worrier by nature because there are things that are just out of our control and it's not going to do any of us any good to worry about it," she explains. 

For more one how stars are coping with the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine, watch the clip below: