Cardi B Marvels Over Her 'Powerful' and 'Strong' 'F9' Role

The rapper shared a snippet of what fans can expect from her role in the 'Fast & Furious' franchise.

Cardi B couldn't be more excited for her role in F9.

The 28-year-old rapper teased her character, Leysa, ahead of the film's highly anticipated release. In a video shared on Tuesday, Cardi calls her role "powerful" and "strong," also calling her "that b**ch!"

"Vin Diesel reached out, and he was talking about a role. I’m like, ‘It’s freakin’ Fast & Furious. Get me there, put me on a plane!'" she says from the movie's set. "I like the fact that I’m representing such a powerful, strong woman."

"She’s just that b**ch," she adds with a laugh. "I remember when I saw Ludacris in Fast & The Furious, when I saw Tego Calderón, then to see Don Omar, it makes the hood have hope. Being around Vin, he’s just so nice, so dope. He makes you feel so comfortable. I’m just so excited. He's just such a badass."

Cardi also took to Twitter to express her excitement, tweeting, "I can’t wait to watch Fast and furious 9 .I haven’t seen my scenes yet! That’s the best part about it thooo watching the movie then you see yourself coming in.I’m sooo proud of myself. GOD IS GOOD ! Can I get a ALL THE TIME ? !!!!"

Diesel first revealed that Cardi joined the F9 cast in October 2019, teasing her involvement in an Instagram video of the two of them from the U.K. set.

"Last day in the UK! Pa mi Gente... #Fast92020 #Fatherhood," Diesel captioned the clip.

"I'm tired, but I can't wait. I ain't gonna front, I think this is going to be the best one," Cardi said in the video. "I need to take a nappy-nap. I'm ready to take my nappy-nap."

 At the time, Cardi was coming off of her first movie role in Hustlers.

F9 has yet to open in U.S. theaters, but the action flick had already earned more than $270 million overseas, and has officially revved past $6 billion at the box office, cementing itself as one of the most successful franchises of all time.

"What the numbers represent is the people that have been affected by the film. The people that have supported the franchise. That makes me feel incredible and grateful and blessed," star and keeper of the franchise Diesel recently told ET. "But it also inspires me to reach higher and to keep on earning it and make it worthy of the support and loyalty that you've shown it."

Watch the video below to hear more about how Diesel and the Fast & Furious cast is celebrating 20 years of the franchise.

F9 is in theaters on June 25.



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