Cardi B, Offset and Daughter Kulture to Guest Star on 'Baby Shark's Big Show' -- With a New Song

Cardi B, her family and a sure-to-be viral song are heading to 'Baby Shark's Big Show!'

Watch out, "Baby Shark" -- "The Seaweed Sway" and Cardi B are on their way. 

The GRAMMY-winning rapper's newest gig is something the whole family can enjoy together. On Thursday, Cardi confirmed that she, her husband, Offset, and their daughter, 3-year-old Kulture, are going to be guest-starring on Nickelodeon's Baby Shark's Big Show!

The series, which is a product of the viral hit "Baby Shark," is welcoming the trio as new characters fittingly named Sharki B, Offshark and Kulture Shark. "I got here by doing things my own Sharki B way," Cardi's character says in a teaser clip for the episode. 

In behind-the-scenes footage the famous mom shared on Instagram, fans can see Kulture reciting a line for her character while Offset and Cardi coach her through it. 

Cardi also lent her musical talents to the episode on a new song, "The Seaweed Sway." For fans who still haven't gotten "Baby Shark" out of their heads, this catchy new track may be the next replacement. 

"Make sure you guys and your babies check out Me & my family episode on BABYSHARK series on Nicklelodeon !!!!" she wrote on Instagram. 

Fans can learn the Seaweed Sway when the episode airs on April 15 at 12 p.m.