Cardi B Reveals She Recently Had Liposuction After Getting Her Breasts Redone Following Birth of Daughter

Cardi revealed the news to a crowd of concertgoers over the weekend.

Cardi B is getting real about liposuction.

At the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee, over the weekend, Cardi told the crowd that she shouldn't be performing due to her liposuction.

She had previously denied undergoing the procedure, though she did recently exclusively tell ET's Katie Krause that she underwent breast cosmetic surgery. Both procedures come after the birth of her daughter, Kulture, whom she welcomed with her husband, Offset, last July. 

"I shouldn't really be performing. I should've canceled today because moving too much is gonna f**k up my lipo," she told the crowd, as seen in video taken by a concertgoer. "But b**ch, I'm still gonna get this mother f**king money back, let's go!"

In ET's recent interview with Cardi, she joked that her reason for getting her breasts redone was that Kulture "f**ked me up."

"I just got my boobs redone," Cardi, 26, said. "I feel good, but then sometimes I feel, like, not, you know? [When] your skin is stretched out."

In addition to the change to her body, Cardi's mindset has also changed since giving birth, as she often experiences mom guilt.

"She's here, but it makes me sad sometimes because it's like, 'Oh, my gosh, all that traveling,'" she told ET. "I know her sleeping schedule is getting a little messed up... every single time that she gets on an airplane, it's all good until the landing. She starts crying, and I just be feeling so sad because I know the pain, you know, when your ears pop."

"And sometimes I wake up in the morning and she's in my bed and I just want to cuddle and [I can't]," she continued. "It is getting harder because she knows me. She recognizes more now and that's, like, you can just tell she wants me to be there. Sometimes, when she sees me leaving, she looks up and goes, 'B***h, where you going?'"

Watch the video below for more on Cardi.