Cardi B Shares Insane Video Of A Yacht Sinking While On Vacation

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Theo Wargo/WireImage

The rapper narrated a video of a yacht sinking into the ocean near her vacation home.

If a ship sinks in the ocean and only Cardi B is there to see it, did it really sink? The answer is: "It’s gone! Bye-bye."

The rapper and hilarious Internet personality took to social media on Saturday to give play-by-play documentation of a yacht sinking near her house while on vacation.

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The "WAP" artist posted a video that showed a yacht capsized near a rock wall. Just the top of the boat was still above the water, and it was going down quickly. Cardi is heard hollering, "What the f***?!!? It's sinking!!! Y'all see this?!!?"

She captioned the video on Twitter, “I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink.”

In the video, you continue to hear Cardi exclaiming, “It’s sinking! Oh my God, they can’t do nothing about it. There ain’t no big boat that can save it. It’s gone! Bye-bye.”

While a yacht sinking could be a very dangerous situation, viewers of this wild video can rest assured because Cardi B confirmed that there was no one on board the ship when it sank. 

Cardi B and Offset are spending their Memorial Day weekend on vacation somewhere tropical. While the exact location of the trip has not been reported, Cardi also shared videos of friends dancing with sombreros.