Cardi B Takes ET Behind the Scenes of Her Sexy New Campaign Shoot With Fashion Nova (Exclusive)

The rapper exclusively invited ET to the set of her new campaign photo shoot with the online retail giant.

Fans don't have to look too far if they want to dress like Cardi B!

Following the success of her first collection with Fashion Nova last fall (which sold out in minutes), the rapper has teamed up with the online retail giant once again for a new Fashion Nova x Cardi B line of affordable occasion and casual wear. ET got a sneak peek look at the all-new collection, as The Bronx, New York, native exclusively invited us to her latest campaign photo shoot with the brand.

"This one is different than the first because we have more color. We have more cutouts, it's more fun," Cardi tells ET's Katie Krause. "It's more summertime, but it also has that Matrix look that I like."

"I wanted a neon jungle [for this] shoot -- vintage, desert vibes. I really wanted it to look like a high fashion campaign because we're doing high fashion on an affordable budget," she adds of the collection, which includes pieces that range from $29-$99. "It's sexy. So classy and clean. I love it!"

Cardi B x Fashion Nova

The trendy pieces were inspired by '80s and '90s influences and balanced with themes of empowerment and rebellion. With cinched-in waist details, sultry cut-outs and the use of vegan leather, the 107-piece collection is curated for all body types in hopes of helping women feel sexy, strong and confident when they slip into the clothes.

Cardi B x Fashion Nova

But, with so many pieces to choose from, does Cardi have a personal fave?

"I like all of them!" she raves, telling ET that she was very involved in the design process. "I like all of them due to the fact that we started off with, like, 200 pieces and I used to be like, 'Scratch, scratch, scratch, would you wear this?'"

"I study what people want," she continues. "I read what some of the pros and some of the cons [were] of my last collection ... so it's like, OK, it's going to be a little more fun. More summertime vibes. And I think people are going to like this one."

Cardi B x Fashion Nova

Fans can start shopping the collection on May 8, the same day Cardi is hosting a star-studded launch party in Los Angeles. She tells ET it's going to be epic, but admits that she's feeling a little "nervous" about it.

"It's all about performances," she teases. "So, of course, I'm going to perform, the City Girls are going to perform. Blueface is going to perform, YG is going to perform. It's going to be a really big party! This time we've got a bigger venue, we're flying people out, certain fans."

"[But] I get really nervous when it comes to parties. That's why I don't like celebrating my party too much," she adds. "It's just because I get -- I get anxiety. You know what I'm saying?"

Cardi B x Fashion Nova

Cardi confessed that most of her nerves also come from wondering whether people will like her fashion creations.

"I'm just nervous! I always get nervous all the time because I just hope that people like my collection," she explains. "I just want everything to be successful. I don't like mediocre, like, 'Oh, we sold half, it took about 4-5 hours.' I want to sell right there and then. I want to prove to people that I can do this."

Last month, ET caught up with Cardi's makeup artist,  Erika La Pearl, who showed us how to get the rapper's "snatched" rainbow glam look she's recently been sporting. 

Hear her beauty secrets in the video below!