Carla Bruni Talks Having Mary-Kate Olsen as a Sister-in-Law: 'Olivier Looks Very Happy With Her'

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Mary-Kate married Olivier Sarkozy in November 2015.

Carla Bruni is offering some insight into Mary-Kate Olsen's married life. 

The 49-year-old supermodel's husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, is the half-brother of Mary-Kate's husband, Olivier Sarkozy -- and Bruni says the couple couldn't look any happier. 

"She's my husband's brother's [wife], but I didn't go to the wedding!" Bruni revealed on Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. "They invited us, and then we couldn't go because of a stupid reason, geographical reason, you know, we had to come over here and we couldn't. But I mean, he seems so happy."

"I met her at some cousin's wedding and she looked adorable and [was] very kind," she added. "And also, Olivier, he looks very happy with her. He had a lovely family and then he had a divorce..."

"You're not going to get anything bad out of her," Yolanda Hadid interjected. 

Bruni also responded to reports that the couple offered bowls of cigarettes at their nuptials, saying, "It's allowed." 

Mary-Kate, 31, and Olivier, 48, tied the knot in November 2015 in Manhattan, New York, in front of 50 of their closest friends and family.

The notoriously private designer opened up about her marriage in an interview with The Edit earlier this year. 

"I have a husband, two step-kids and a life; I have to go home and cook dinner," she shared, before revealing how she balances her busy life. "I run on the weekend. You find the thing that helps you relax and if you don't have it, you have to look for it."

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