Carlos and Alexa PenaVega on Finding a 'Deeper Connection' Through Parenthood (Exclusive)

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Carlos and Alexa PenaVega's relationship has definitely changed since welcoming their son, Ocean, last December. 

Nearly one year later, Carlos and Alexa sat down with ET's Hallie Stephens for a Facebook Live interview dishing all about how parenthood has impacted their marriage for the better. 

"He’s really just become a part of what we’ve always done and not much has changed there," Alexa revealed of Ocean on Friday. "You just get a lot less sleep. But I just feel so much more love now. I’ve become so much more emotional about things. I have a deeper connection with Carlos just because of Ocean." 

"I appreciate my parents a lot more too," Carlos revealed, "Because you see how much time and effort you have to put into this new human, and then they're off at 20, doing their own things, and you're like, 'Make good decisions!'" 

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Carlos and Alexa have had to make several big decisions since Ocean was born -- including moving from Los Angeles to Maui. 

"I’d much rather raise a little island baby, not that you can’t raise a baby here in the city," Alexa shared. "We’ll be outdoors, not hooked to the phone all the time. I’m thankful for social media, because it’s given us such a great platform and it’s a way to communicate with your fans and other people out there, but the importance for us is family first, so we really wanted to kind of get off the grid a little bit whenever we’re not working."

Establishing a life outside of Los Angeles was a big deal for the couple, who say they also plan to avoid the pitfalls of many celebrity marriages by going "everywhere together." 

"If he's on a project, I won’t take a project. If I’m on a project, he won’t take one. So we’re literally together as a family all the time," explained Alexa, who is co-starring with Carlos in Hallmark's Enchanted Christmas. "The hardest part of this industry is you have to leave for three to six months depending on what your work may be, and then most couples just separate for that time." 

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"That's really difficult to maintain that solid relationship, being away from each other for that long," she added. 

"We do miss out on some really great opportunities because of that, but I think that with any marriage, the key to a successful marriage is sacrifice," Carlos revealed. "Both parties have to sacrifice, and we’re like, 'You know what, this is what’s important. Now we have a baby. How do we keep that together if it means missing out on a really great TV show?'" 

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Alexa, who admitted to recently losing a role in Jennifer Lopez's Second Act to Vanessa Hudgens, says she isn't sweating it. The 29-year-old actress has been keeping busy with her vlog -- and watching Dancing With the Stars. She and Carlos competed against each other on season 21 of the ABC series in 2015.

"I would like to see Frankie Muniz take it home," Carlos said of the current season. 

"His journey was so fun to watch, and I called it from day one," Alexa shared. "And I love Mark [Ballas]. Mark and Lindsay [Stirling] are phenomenal." 

"My heart says Frankie, but it's hard." she continued. "Mark needs a win." 

Enchanted Christmas premieres on Sunday, Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the Hallmark Channel. 

See more on the PenaVega's in the video below. 

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