Carrie Underwood Reveals Why Her Kids May Grow Up to Be Performers (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Underwood at the CMA Fest in Nashville Sunday.

Carrie Underwood's kids may be joining mom in the biz! Underwood spoke to ET's Rachel Smith backstage at CMA Fest in Nashville Sunday, where she revealed that her sons have a flair for performing.

Underwood's sons, Isaiah, 7 and Jacob, 3 -- who she shares with her husband, Mike Fisher -- were caught on camera in a now-viral video after they crashed the stage during their mom's performance at the Grand Ole Opry. The "Ghost Story" singer told ET she had no idea they were dancing behind her -- at first.

"That was called, it's way past my bedtime," Underwood joked. "The little one, Jake, he was just trying to not stop moving, because if he did, he was going to fall asleep, so, I'm singing a ballad up there and you also have this like, false sense of security at the Opry, when you're back there, you're kind of back there in the dark, and you feel like nobody can see you, so, I didn't I feel like nobody really thought twice about them being there and acting crazy."

She continued, "And then I saw videos and I'm like, 'Ugh,' and then Melissa took video, 'cause I had asked her to take some pictures from backstage, and she took video of them doing it. You can see Isiah's looking back, and Mike's like, 'I know.' And then Isiah's like, 'What?'" 

Underwood said that they get their performance genes from her, hinting that pair may be joining her in the world of entertainment one day.

"I think so, I think so," Underwood shared. "They're not shy, that's for sure."

Underwood, who released her latest studio album, Denim & Rhinestones on Friday, has been busy promoting the project, from at the CMA Fest to parties around Nashville.

"Oh, golly, I mean I feel like we've been in a lot of places over the past few days, but I mean, it's all good," Underwood said of releasing her latest project. "I've gotten to see some fans. We had our fan club party tonight. I'm going to see a whole lot of fans."

While the album is filled with hits, Underwood said it's hard for her to pick a favorite, telling ET all the songs on her album are her "babies."

"As far as songs go, they are the babies," she said. "It depends on the mood, I do love 'Denim and Rhinestones.' I love 'Pink Champagne.' I love 'Crazy Angels.' I love 'Garden,' I don't know."

As far as what fans can expect on Underwood's upcoming tour, she said lots of denim and rhinestones of course, maybe some fringe and a few aerial stunts too.

"I predict a lot of denim a lot of rhinestones probably some fringe," the American Idol alum revealed. "Maybe some aerial stuff. I do like to fly, I feel like I've done that on many tours in one way or another, been up in the air. Sometimes, I bring the band along with me. I don't know if they like that, but we'll see."

She added, "We're kind of working out details now, but it will be really good. Whenever we come up with it." 

Jimmie Allen will be joining the country queen on tour, with Underwood remarking that the "Down Home" singer is just someone "everybody" loves.

Get ready for the tour with Underwood's latest album, Denim & Rhinestones, out now.