Carson Daly Praises His 'Superhero' Wife for Giving Birth Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Siri and Carson Daly
Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

'I wake up enamored by her.'

Carson Daly is in awe of his wife! During Friday's episode of the Today show, the 46-year-old co-host appeared via video call to praise his wife, Siri Daly, for giving birth to their fourth child, Goldie, earlier this week amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I woke up today really just profoundly moved by two things [that] come to my mind. Number one is the strength of watching my wife," he said. "I mean, watching Siri over the last 48 hours -- not to mention during this pregnancy-- but being nine months pregnant at this time, you can imagine the extra anxiety that that's brought."

Due to the current health crisis, there were new restrictions on the people allowed in the delivery rooms, meaning Carson could only join his wife during the birth itself.

"I dropped her off at the hospital because the hospitals in and around New York, as you can imagine, have quite new guidelines and she went alone on Wednesday night," he said. "I could only join her for the birth and then I had to leave again, as they are quickly trying to flip these rooms around."

"So her heroism, she's a superstar, she’s a superhero," Carson continued. "I wake up enamored by her and also the medical staff we dealt with last night. The work that they are doing on the front lines, you don't believe it until you're actually there and can see it."

As for Goldie Patricia Daly herself, the proud dad said that his youngest child is "awesome," before explaining how he and Siri decided on her unique name.

"I just got the results of my Ancestry DNA kit that my sister got me for Christmas... and it confirmed my 98% Irish-ness. And so I was looking at Irish names on St. Patrick's Day morning and I stumbled on Goldie," he said. "We had a short list of names that we liked, but nothing was sticking its neck out."

"I thought about it and I thought, this is our fourth kid, she seems like the pot of gold at the end of our family rainbow," Carson continued. "And I told Siri, 'What do you think about Goldie Patricia?' And that was it. It was just one of those things we knew."

As for her middle name, it comes from Carson's late mom, Patricia, who died in 2017. "It would have been my mom’s birthday tomorrow, so that worked out to be quite nice," he said.

When it comes to his other three kids -- Jackson, 11, Etta, 7, and London, 5 -- Carson said they're "very excited for little GoGo, as we're going to call Goldie." 

"They're anxiously awaiting for Mommy and GoGo to come home," he added.


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