Catherine Zeta-Jones Tells Michael Sheen She's 'in Charge' in Spicy 'Prodigal Son' Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

Prodigal Son
Phil Caruso/Fox

The Fox drama returns Tuesday for the back half of season 2.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Sheen are getting close.

Prodigal Son kicks off the second half of its sophomore season on Tuesday, and only ET has your exclusive first look at the spring premiere. In the return episode, titled "Ouroboros," world-famous Europol profiler Simon Hoxley (guest star Alan Cumming) shows up in New York and claims that Major Crimes’ current case is connected to the discovery of Endicott’s body overseas, causing Bright (Tom Payne) to fear that his and Ainsley’s (Halston Sage) secret is about to be exposed. At the same time, the iciness between Martin (Sheen) and Dr. Vivian Capshaw (Zeta-Jones), Claremont Psychiatric’s resident M.D., begins to thaw.

In the clip, Martin -- who's been assigned janitorial duties in Capshaw's infirmary -- notices that the doctor isn't herself, as she stares blankly at the wall.

"What is it?" he asks, not buying that she's OK, even though she assures him she's "fine." 

"The patient from earlier, he had a bleed... He died 10 minutes after he got to the trauma center," Capshaw says, a lone tear running down her face. When Martin expresses his condolences, it catches her by surprise.

"You're sorry? The Surgeon?" she asks, shock filling her expression that a serial killer can feel empathy.

"surgeon. I once was a doctor like you," he clarifies, prompting her to fire back, "Yeah, with a complete lack of regard for human life."

"Not complete," he says. "I've gotten that call. It hurts. You don't believe me?" 

Capshaw reminds him that he murdered 23 people, but he says those deaths were "never on my operating table." As if that makes it OK somehow. "Church and state, Dr. Capshaw. Never mix business and pleasure." Asked how he was able to separate the two, Martin replies, "Perhaps that was my brand of madness." Chills, anyone?

But he soon turns it on the Claremont doc, telling her she's so "much better than this place." How did she, in fact, end up where she is? But Capshaw may be too smart for Martin's mind games, as a knowing smile creeps up to her face. "They told me you'd do this... Lure me in, manipulate me. It's not happening Whitly. I'm in charge," she declares.

Watch ET's exclusive clip from next week's spring premiere below.

Prodigal Son star Bellamy Young discussed Zeta-Jones joining the cast as a new series regular for season 2, telling ET's Kevin Frazier in January that Martin and Vivian going up against each other is going to create fireworks. 

"Those two Welsh firebrands are gonna be head to head. It's gonna be incendiary. I can't wait," the former Scandal star said. 

Prodigal Son returns Tuesday, April 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. For more, watch below.

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