'Catwoman' Halle Berry Surrounds Herself With Adoptable Kittens in This Purrrfect Ad

The actress' spot will run during the 2022 Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Halle Berry is putting a new spin on Catwoman. The Oscar-winning actress is set to appear in a spot supporting the Caesars Sportsbook and Best Friends Animal Society that will air during the Puppy Bowl on Sunday.  

In the 30-second spot, Berry is dressed as Cleopatra and surrounded by tiny kittens. The actress giggles as she plays with the little animals, before picking one up. “Let’s call you, Brutus,” she says before kissing him. “Foster a kitten, for real,” she tells the camera.  

Best Friends Animal Society encourages those seeking pets to fosters animals, so those in shelters have a better chance at being adopted and finding a great home.

"It was special working with kittens, and I'm so glad that we could support such a good cause while making a fun spot with Caesars," Berry told People

In January, the Bruised actress teased the project on Instagram. “half woman. half warrior. delicate and strong. thank you @r.h.sin,” she captioned the mirror selfie.  

In the photo, Berry showed off the wig and elaborate eye makeup, but did not give a reason for the look.  

While she didn’t have to step into the catsuit for the role, the star, who played Catwoman in 2004, did say what it would take to get her to crack the whip again.

In November, the 55-year-old star admitted that she would be willing to play Catwoman again, but only if she could be at the helm.  

"You know, I worked really hard to be a Catwoman. I learned Capoeira, I did the work," she said. "The disheartening part was I didn't direct it, I didn't produce it, nor did I write it. I was just the actress in it. But for all these years, I have carried the weight of that film,” she shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  

"And, you know, whatever success it—had or didn't have—somehow it seemed like it was all my fault. But it really wasn't my fault, but I've been carrying it."

When asked if she would ever step back into the role, she told the host, "If I can direct it."